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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the quickest way to learn about Notejoy?
How do I install Notejoy for Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android?
How do I create a team library or notebook?
Can I import my existing documents to Notejoy?
Does Notejoy support Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)?
Can I view or present my notes full-screen?
Is there an offline mode?
Can I share with team members outside of my company's domain?
Where I can share my feature requests?
How do I make the Slack iOS app open Notejoy links in the app?
How do I link between notes?
How do I remove a user from a team library?
What's the best way to organize team libraries?
What should I do if I forgot my password?
How do I cancel my account?
Do you offer product demos?
How do I best use Notejoy as a wiki?
How do I add emoji to a note?
How do I add users to a team library?
Does Notejoy publish its roadmap?
How do I re-order my list of team libraries?
How do I re-order my list of notebooks?
What browsers are supported?
How do I tell if a library is upgraded?
How do I see how much storage I've used?
What does the "Add to organization" checkbox do?
Can I import my notes from Evernote?
What integrations does Notejoy support?
What are the benefits of Notejoy's premium plans?
How do I report a bug?
Why do I constantly see a "something went wrong" error?
How do I change my password?
Does Notejoy support single sign on?
Who is the team behind Notejoy?
How do I change my email?
Why can't I view PDF files on Android?
How do I uninstall the Notejoy desktop app?
How do I merge Notejoy accounts?