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Organizing Notes

Team libraries

A team library is a shared space for any size team. They are like Slack channels for documents. Each team library is shared with a specific set of people: say the entire company, a specific team, or a project. When you add a new note to a team library, it is automatically shared with the entire team. No wasting time on setting permissions. Or worrying about having to give access to everyone on the team. Just create and it’s automatically shared.

Create a team library

To create a team library, click the drop-down arrow next to the Add Note button in the sidebar. Then choose "Add Team Library" from the list.

You'll be given the opportunity to name your team library. This is usually your company, department, or project name.

Invite team members to a team library

Click on your team library in the sidebar. Then press the red Invite button that shows up on the right.

From the library sharing dialog, you'll be able to add new team members by email address. You can also re-send library invites to members who have not yet accepted their invite. And finally, you can remove team members from this dialog as well. You also have the option of enabling domain sharing so that this library is automatically shared with everyone who has access to an email on the same domain.

Create notebooks within team libraries

Notes are organized in notebooks within team libraries. Notebooks make it easy to organize notes by content, by project, or by team. A "General" notebook is created by default for you. Right-click your team library in the sidebar and select "Add Notebook" to create a new notebook within your team library. You can create as many notebooks as you like within a team library.

Collapse team libraries

You can easily collapse libraries in the Notejoy sidebar to hide their notebooks. Just click the folder icon to the left of the library to collapse & expand it. This makes it easy to clean up your sidebar to help you focus on the projects you are currently working on.

Re-order team libraries

To change the order team libraries appear in the Notejoy sidebar, just drag them to exactly where you'd like them directly from the sidebar.

Hide team libraries

You can hide a library from the sidebar to help clean up your sidebar. Just right-click it and select Hide. The library is only hidden for you and everyone else who has access to the library will still see it in their sidebar. The notes in a hidden library are still accessible via search, so you don't have to worry about losing access to them. You can unhide a library from Library Settings.

Manage multiple team libraries

To manage multiple team libraries at once, navigate to Settings and then select Libraries. You can reach settings by clicking the arrow next to your name at the bottom left, or navigate directly here.

From there you'll be able to re-order, rename, hide/unhide, archive/unarchive, leave, or delete team libraries.