Today we released v1.9.2 of both the Notejoy for Mac and Notejoy for Windows apps. This release fixes an issue that prevented some users from being able to login with their Google account.

The quickest way to get the latest version is to shut down the app, start it again, and wait a few minutes to be prompted to install the update.

We've updated the Notejoy for Mac app to support a clean install on MacOS Catalina. This solves a previous issue that resulted in an error during app installation.

Download Notejoy for Mac v1.9.0 here.

We've enhanced our Slack real-time activity updates, which automatically post activity from a Notejoy notebook or library to a Slack channel, to now also post an update to Slack anytime a new note is created.

Based on your feedback, we added this to allow you to easily socialize new notes that are being created within Notejoy with the rest of your team.

You can learn more about Notejoy's Slack integration here.

We have now code signed Notejoy's Windows app. This verifies that the Windows application is issued by us (Monki Labs LLC). This will also remove the SmartScreen warning that you currently see when you first install the application on Windows (though it will take some time before Microsoft grants our application sufficient reputation).

You can download the latest version with code signing here.

You can now easily add words to the dictionary in Notejoy's Mac and Windows apps. Just right-click on the underlined word and select Add to Dictionary.

To get the latest version of the desktop app simply restart the app and wait a few minutes to be prompted to upgrade.

If you are not yet using Notejoy's desktop app, you can download it here.

We've heard from all of you how much you've been enjoying our forward emails feature that allows you to easily convert an email into a note by forwarding it to So we've decided to enhance it to now also support forwarding via Gmail filters.

With this new functionality, you can setup a Gmail filter that automatically forwards emails that meet a certain criteria to You could forward emails from a certain sender or with a certain subject line into Notejoy. This is super helpful when you have, say, receipts you always want to save, or other specific reference emails that you periodically get.

To set this up, you need to first setup email forwarding in Gmail. This guide will walk you through the process. It'll send a confirmation email to We make that email available in your Notejoy account. So from there, you'll be able grab the confirmation code to put back into Gmail to enabling forwarding. Once you've done that, you can then setup a filter in Gmail and forward it to

Please keep in mind Notejoy does not support forwarding all of your emails into it as we have strict daily limits on the number of messages you can send us, which prevent it from being used to forward your entire inbox.

We've improved the experience of pasting content from Microsoft Word into Notejoy.

Previously, the pasted content sometimes showed up as an image in Notejoy. This has been improved to paste the content as formatted text directly into the note.

Notejoy integrates with your favorite scanner app to allow you to easily scan a document with your phone's camera and save it directly to Notejoy.

To scan documents to Notejoy:

  1. Scan the document using your favorite scanner app
  2. Email the document directly from the scanner app to
  3. After a few moments, you'll find the scanned document saved to a new note at the top of your Recent view in Notejoy

Note: The email address you send the document from must be registered with Notejoy. You can register additional emails here.

Notejoy integrates with any scanner app that supports directly emailing the scanned document. But we recommend the following great scanner apps that we personally love to use:

Scannable (iOS / Free)

Scannable is a free document scanning app from Evernote available on iOS.

Download Scannable

Scanner Pro (iOS / $3.99)

Scanner Pro is a great scanning app from Readdle available for a one-time purchase of $3.99 on iOS.

Download Scanner Pro

Office Lens (iOS + Android / Free)

Office Lens is a free document scanning app from Microsoft available on iOS and Android.

Download Office Lens: iOS, Android

Today we are excited to launch our Gmail integration, which brings together the world's most popular email provider with Notejoy's fantastic notes app. With the Gmail integration, it's never been easier to save your most important emails directly to Notejoy. We've made it incredibly quick to save reference emails, convert conversations into notes, and so much more.

Once installed, you'll see Notejoy appear in your Gmail applications sidebar. Anytime you want to save an email, just click the Notejoy icon and click Save as Note. It's as easy as that!

We give you the option to customize the note title, decide what notebook you want to save the email to, and whether to include the email's quoted text in the note. You can also add tags just by inserting #hashtags in the note title.

The Gmail integration also automatically saves all of the email's attached images & documents to your note. You can optionally customize which attachments to save if you like.

Feel free to install the Gmail integration across multiple Gmail accounts if you'd like.

To get started Install Notejoy for Gmail.

We've improved when the last modified timestamp updates for each note to better meet your expectations.

The last modified timestamp will no longer change when you do the following. This way the last modified field more accurately represents when the content of a note was actually modified by a user.

  • Move a note to a different library
  • Delete a note
  • Set a note password
  • Recover a deleted note
  • An embedded document's metadata changes

In addition, the last modified timestamp will now update when you add a comment to the note to indicate new content was added to the note.

We've added tooltips throughout the Notejoy experience to improve discoverability of actions, styles, and more throughout the web and desktop apps.

We've made several updates to improve the rendering of printed notes for both printers and PDFs:
  • We no longer show the note sub-title, which included the note authors and modified date in the printed version
  • We fixed a bug that occasionally caused the note cursor to show up in the printed version
  • We fixed a bug that occasionally caused a blank page to be printed

We now support bold, italic, and strikethrough markdown syntax. This rounds out our existing markdown support.

bold**bolded text**
italic*italic text*
strikethrough~~striked text~~

We've added an end-to-end encryption badge in the library overview so you can quickly ensure end-to-end encryption is enabled for all notes in that library. You'll find a gold lock badge in the header below the library name at the top of the library overview. Mousing over it will remind you this means that end-to-end encryption is enabled.

We've added a monospaced font, IBM Plex Mono, to our library of custom font options. This can be helpful when you are mainly using Notejoy to copy & paste a lot of code (or if you just like monospaced fonts!). Keep in mind that the code block style also uses a monospaced font.

You can now drag and drop a note over a tag in the sidebar to quickly apply that tag to the note. Just another way we try to make you as productive as possible in Notejoy.

You can now permanently delete a note from the Deleted Notes dialog. This will make it so you can never recover this note. Just hit the x next to the Recover button beside the note you want to permanently delete.

You can now easily see who deleted a note directly from the note list in Trash. This way you'll always understand how a note found it's way into the Trash.

Just another way we try to make Notejoy the most secure app for capturing and sharing notes with your team.

We've made our chat widget more easily accessible directly from within Notejoy. Just hit the Questions? link in the bottom-right corner of Notejoy to reach out at any time.

We love hearing from you, so please ask any questions you may have as well as share any feedback you have on making Notejoy even better!

If you are a Data Controller in the EU or process EU subject information and leverage Notejoy as a Data Processor, we have simplified the process of obtaining a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) from Notejoy as required by GDPR.

Head over to our GDPR page to get our pre-signed DPA and follow the few quick steps to sign and return it to us.

We now allow you to easily customize the width of the Notejoy sidebar, notes list, as well as the Chatter bar, History bar, and HubSpot bar.

Simply mouse over the edge of the pane and drag it to your desired width. Notejoy will save your width preferences for the next time you come back to Notejoy. Each pane has a minimum width to prevent it from becoming unreadable.

And remember, you can always use Focus view to hide the sidebar and notes list entirely to focus just on your current note. Hit the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of your note to enter Focus view.

Today we released Notejoy for iPhone v1.6 to provide better support for iPhone XR & iPhone Xs Max devices. The Notejoy navigation header and footer are now appropriately spaced on these devices to make it easy to tap and navigate throughout the app.

Update to Notejoy v1.6 in the App Store today.

We heard from all of you that you wanted to be able to put in the CC or BCC field in addition to the TO field when forwarding emails to Notejoy. And so we've now made that possible!

Now regardless of where you put, we ensure that email always ends up in your Notejoy account.

We've significantly improved the performance of syntax highlighting in code blocks when a note has very long code blocks. The lag in the editor you used to experience when viewing and editing notes with long code blocks should now be gone!

We just released a bug fix release for Notejoy for Mac and Windows v1.6.2. This release addresses the following bugs:

  • Opening a note in a standalone window could result in multiple windows being opened and taking a long time to load
  • Clicking Google login could result in multiple login windows being opened

We've added a shortcut to enable you to quickly insert the current date & time into a note body. Just hit Cmd+Shift+D (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+D (Windows) to insert the current date. Hit it a second time and it will also add the current time.

The formats are:

  • 4/30/2019
  • 4/30/2019 10:00 am

This is often useful in notes tracking project plans, progress, reflections, journal entries, and so much more.

Today we are excited to launch Quick Find, an incredibly fast way to jump to exactly what you are looking for in Notejoy. Just hit Cmd+J (Mac) or Ctrl+J (Windows) to activate Quick Find. Then just start typing a few characters for what you are looking for. You'll immediately see results show up that match your query. You can use the up & down arrows to get to the right result and then just press enter to jump directly to it.

You can jump to all sorts of content with Quick Find, including notes, notebooks, libraries, tags, and even authors. Just type a few quick keystrokes and press enter as soon as you find what you are looking for.

Quick Find is also great for navigating Notejoy. You can jump to Search, Recent, Starred, Trash, Focus view, and so much more. Similarly, it's a quick way to jump to any command in Notejoy: add note, add team library, settings, export notes, etc. We've built Quick Find to enable any action that's possible in Notejoy as well as help you find any content you've ever created in Notejoy. If you ever find a command that's not yet supported, just let us know and we'll get it added immediately.

Quick Find is the latest way Notejoy enables the fastest and most productive experience for capturing and sharing your most important ideas.

We've updated the shortcuts for creating numbered lists, bullets, and checklists to more closely match Google Docs. The following are the new shortcuts:

  • Numbered list: Cmd/Ctrl + 7
  • Bullet: Cmd/Ctrl + 8
  • Checklist: Cmd/Ctrl + 9

The Notejoy for Mac app automatically updates Notejoy's theme to reflect your MacOS appearance preference. So if you turn on Dark mode on MacOS, the Notejoy app will automatically update your theme choice to Scarlet Dark.

However, we've now enabled you to subsequently change the Notejoy theme and maintain your preference, regardless of what the MacOS preference is set to. This way you can have Dark mode on in MacOS but still use a non-dark mode theme in Notejoy if you prefer.

We made a couple of more improvements to the Notejoy for Mac and Windows apps:

  • Find in page now works when you open up notes in their own window
  • You can now press Cmd+L (or Ctrl+L) to copy the current note's url to your clipboard
  • We fixed a bug that caused the Spelling Settings pane to disappear if you ever disabled the spell checker
  • We fixed the download button in Notejoy's image and document viewers to ensure your image or document is always downloaded properly with the correct filename

We now make it even easier to quickly move images & documents around in a note. When you hover over an image or document, you'll now see a cut action appear. Just click that to easily cut the image or document. Then move your cursor to wherever you'd like to move it to and paste via Cmd+V/Ctrl+V or the paste menu option.

We now allow you to easily move checklist items up and down via Cmd+▲ and Cmd+▼ on Mac and Ctrl+▲ and Ctrl+▼ on Windows. This applies to all list types, including checklists, numbered lists, and bullets. If you ever forget, just hit ? to see all available keyboard shortcuts.

Just another way we hope to make you as productive as possible.

To speed up copying and pasting content into Notejoy, we now allow you to paste without formatting, removing any existing styles from your pasted text.

You can hit Cmd+Shift+V to paste without formatting in Chrome. Or in the latest versions of Notejoy's Mac and Windows apps, just right-click in the editor and select Paste w/o Formatting.

Today we are excited to release v1.5 of Notejoy for Mac as well as Notejoy for Windows. This release is jam-packed with a ton of improvements you've been asking for:

Notejoy for Mac

  • Auto-enable dark mode - The Mac app can now detects when you have turned on Dark Mode in your OS and automatically switches Notejoy to dark mode to match
  • Significantly improved spell checker performance - We've redesigned our spell checker to significantly improve the performance of both the spell checker as well as Notejoy overall. The days of lags when you open up a long note are now long gone!
  • Customize spell checker language - While we continue to auto-detect your spell checker language based on your OS setting, we now allow you to override that and pick which language you'd like to use for the spell checker. Simply head over to Spelling Settings in the Mac app to customize it.
  • Disable spell checker - We also allow you to completely disable the spell checker if we don't accommodate your desired language or if you just prefer to turn it off. Head over to Spelling Settings in the Mac app to disable it.
  • Spell checker in new windows - The spell checker also now works when you open a note in a new window
  • Improved find in page - We improved the find in page functionality with a new design and improved reliability. Just hit Cmd+F to start searching within the page

To upgrade your existing Mac app, simply quit Notejoy and re-open it. After a few minutes you'll be prompted to update to the latest version. Or click to download it here: Notejoy for Mac v1.5.

Notejoy for Windows

  • Added spell checking - We have now enabled spell checking in the Windows app. It also has all the great new spelling functionality we've introduced into the Mac app described above.
  • Find in page - We've now enabled find in page in the Windows app to help you quickly find what you are looking for in the current note. Just press Ctrl+F to get started.
  • Improved scroll bars - We've slimmed down and lightened the scrollbars in the Windows app to improve the app's overall aesthetic

To upgrade your existing Windows app, simply quit Notejoy and re-open it. After a few minutes you'll be prompted to update to the latest version. Or click to download it here: Notejoy for Windows v1.5.

Notejoy now allows you to fully customize which elements show up in the sidebar to suit your needs. You can remove Starred, Recent, Tags, or Trash from your sidebar if you find yourself not using them and want to simplify your sidebar.

Given you can already archive libraries to hide them from your sidebar, you now have full control of exactly what shows up in your sidebar.

Your customized sidebar will be available in Notejoy's web and desktop apps and coming soon to mobile.

Head over to Sidebar Settings to begin customizing.

Notejoy now allows you to customize the font used throughout the Notejoy app as well as customize the font size used within the Notejoy editor. You can pick from 25 carefully selected fonts that all look fantastic in Notejoy.

Custom fonts are currently supported in Notejoy's web and desktop apps and coming soon to mobile.

As part of this update, we've updated the default Windows font from Arial to Roboto. The default Mac font remains Helvetica Neue.

Head over to Font Settings to pick your favorite one.

Based on popular demand, we have introduced a new Scarlet Slate theme, which combines the lighter gray slate sidebar with our red accent in the note editor.

Head over to Theme Settings to give it a try.

UPDATE: Grammarly has not fully rolled out the new extension that works with Notejoy to all users, so we had to temporarily roll back Grammarly support. We'll re-enable it as soon as Grammarly has broadly launched their new extension.

Notejoy now supports Grammarly in its editor, allowing you to get great spelling and grammar suggestions within Notejoy's web app.

If you aren't familiar with Grammarly, it's a web browser extension and free writing assistant that delivers spelling and grammar suggestions while you compose emails, notes, documents, and more across the web.

Once you've installed the Grammarly extension, you'll automatically see suggestions pop up in the Notejoy editor as you compose your notes.

Note: Grammarly is currently only supported in Google Chrome. Firefox support is coming in the future.

Today we are excited to launch themes in Notejoy, including a highly requested dark mode as well as additional themes. At Notejoy, we care a lot about design and themes now give you the ability to customize the look & feel to suit your unique tastes and needs.

Meet the themes

Scarlet Dark

Scarlet Dark is our first dark mode theme, which applies dark mode to our Scarlet theme.

Classic Dark

Classic Dark, our second dark mode theme, removes the red accent used in lists, link, and more from the Scarlet Dark theme.


For those who don't love the red accent used in lists, links, and more, the Classic theme removes them from the editor to create a more traditional look & feel.


Slate introduces a lighter grey sidebar for those who want a bright Notejoy experience.


Scarlet is the default theme in Notejoy that you enjoy today.

Set your theme

To set your theme, head over to Theme Settings (click on the user menu in the bottom left corner, select Settings, then toggle to the Themes tab). You can pick a theme and it is instantly applied so you can quickly preview each before deciding on the one you love.

Today we are excited to launch the ability to forward emails into Notejoy to create notes. This is great for saving reference emails, converting conversations into notes, and even jotting down quick thoughts that you want to flush out later.

All you need to do is forward any email to As long as you send the email from your registered Notejoy email address, the note will automatically be added to your account. You can also authorize additional email addresses from Email Settings.

Image and document attachments will also be uploaded and embedded into the note with full support for our image galleries and in-line document viewers.

By default, the note will be created in your account's default notebook. This is originally My Notebook, which was created in your personal library when you created your account. You can customize your default notebook by right-clicking on any notebook in the sidebar and selecting Make Default. You can also specify which notebook you'd like each individual email added to by appending @notebook name at the end of the email's subject line. Any personal or team notebook that you have edit permissions in will work.

You can include tags in both the subject or body of the email by including #tag.

Get started now by forwarding an email to

Some things to keep in mind...

  • When specifying a multiple word notebook name, you don't need to put the notebook name in quotes as Notejoy will automatically match the entire name after the @ sign. You also don't have to worry about matching the notebook's capitalization. So for example, you can just type @my notebook to place it in My Notebook. If multiple notebooks have the same name, Notejoy will place the note in the first matching notebook (based on the order of your notebooks shown in the sidebar).
  • If you deleted the default My Notebook, make sure to specify a new default notebook by right-clicking on a notebook in the sidebar and selecting Make Default
  • Notejoy will only save emails that are less than 20MB in total size, including the size of all attachments
  • Notejoy will only save emails that have less than 25 attachments
  • Emails will not be saved if you have exceeded your plan's file upload or library upload limit

Today we are excited to launch Notejoy's powerful integration with HubSpot CRM, one of the fastest growing CRM solutions. HubSpot and Notejoy work seamlessly together, enabling sales professionals to more efficiently capture, organize, and share their notes, significantly improving the daily productivity of the modern sales team.

With Notejoy's HubSpot integration, you can:

  • Create and attach notes from HubSpot contacts, companies, and deals
  • View & edit notes right from HubSpot
  • Associate a note with a HubSpot contact from Notejoy
  • View & update HubSpot contact, company, and deal details from Notejoy

Get started by connecting HubSpot from the HubSpot Integration Page.

Here's how to take advantage of each benefit of the HubSpot integration:

Create and attach notes from HubSpot contacts, companies, and deals

You can now easily create and attach notes directly from HubSpot, helping you to stay productive when you are working in your CRM.

After you setup the integration, a new Notes card will appear in HubSpot contacts, companies, and deals. You'll be able to create a new note from there whenever you are looking to capture meeting notes, deal details, and more. If you've already created a note, you can easily attach your existing note to the HubSpot record as well, so you can always find it whenever you come back to this record.

While contact, company, and deal records may be linked, the note is only attached to the original record that you attached it to. If you'd like it to show up in the other records, you can attach the same note there as well.

Anytime you come back to this record, you'll see all the notes that have been attached to it for quick reference. If need be, you can always remove notes that are no relevant from the records as well. If you have others on your team that you want to be able to see the contents of your notes, make sure you create your note in a team library that is accessible by each of your team members. You can create team libraries from the Notejoy app and invite by email address each team member you'd like to have access to the note. Once you set this up, as long as you always create new notes in the same team library, everyone will have access to the note.

View & edit notes right from HubSpot

When you right-click a note and select View Note from the Notes card, you'll be brought to Notejoy's rich text editor right within the HubSpot experience. From there you'll be able to view the note as well as directly edit the note. You'll have access to Notejoy's full styling options. You'll also be able to embed images & documents. As well as collaboratively edit notes with others on your team across all of Notejoy's apps for desktop, mobile, and web.

You'll also have the option to directly deep-link to the note in Notejoy if you'd prefer to take advantage of Notejoy's full web experience for crafting your note.

Associate a note with a HubSpot contact from Notejoy

You'll also have the option of living within the Notejoy experience but still working seamlessly with HubSpot.

A new HubSpot sidebar will be available in Notejoy from the more actions menu in the top-right corner of any note. From there you'll be able to associate the current note with a HubSpot contact record. Say your taking a meeting note or a phone call note, you can quickly search for the contact in HubSpot and associate it so that you'll always be able to reference this note when you view that contact within HubSpot.

If the contact doesn't exist, you'll also have an option to create a new HubSpot contact right from Notejoy.

View & update HubSpot contact, company, and deal details from Notejoy

Once you've associate the note with a contact, you'll immediately see that contact's details in the sidebar. If the contact is associated with a company or a deal, company and deal details will also automatically appear in the sidebar. Or if you've attached this note to a company or deal within HubSpot, that will also cause those record details to be displayed.

You'll also be able to update any of the contact, company, or deal details you see directly from the HubSpot sidebar. This makes it super easy to keep your CRM up-to-date while working productively in Notejoy's app.

We've improved the styling of multi-line quotes in Notejoy so they show up as a single continuous block as opposed to previously, where each line appeared as it's own block.

Today we are excited to launch password-protected notes, enabling you to secure a note with a custom password to prevent prying eyes.

To add a password to a note, simply select Password Protect from the more actions menu in the top-right corner of a note. Or right-click a note in the notes list and select Password Protect.

You'll be prompted to type in and confirm a custom password you'd like to set. Each note you protect can have it's own independent password separate from your login password.

Now whenever you try to view this note, you'll be prompt to enter in the password before you are able to gain access. Even when you view the same note again in the same session, you'll be prompted to re-enter the password to maximize your protection. This applies across Notejoy's web, desktop, and mobile apps, as well as third-party integrations.

Password-protected notes can be used in both personal libraries as well as team libraries. A password-protected note can be opened by anyone on the team that knows the password. This becomes a great way to ensure only certain individuals have access to certain notes, while keeping the overall team library accessible to the broader team.

Password-protected notes will still appear in search so you can easily get back to the note. If the search keyword appears in the note body, the note will be surfaced as a search result. However, the note preview will be masked and viewing the note will require the password.

To remove a password, simply select Remove Password from the more actions menu or notes list context menu. If you were the original user who set the password, you'll be able to remove the password after re-entering it. In addition, team library admins can remove the password without having to re-enter the password.

If you forget the note password and you were the one who original set it, you can select Forgot password from the Remove Password dialog. This will send an email to your registered Notejoy email account in 48 hours that you can use to remove the password. The 48 hour delay is to prevent malicious users from being able to gain access to the note's content in the event they have gained access to both your Notejoy and email account.

Viewing password-protected notes is supported starting in v1.5 of our iOS and Android apps.

Password-protected notes is available in Notejoy Solo, Plus, and Premium plans.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Notejoy Solo Plan, bringing the best of Notejoy's productivity functionality to individual users for just $4/month!

We know that so many of you are loving Notejoy as your go-to personal productivity tool of choice, so we wanted to introduce a plan that gave you all the productivity super powers you need at a no-brainer price.

The Solo plan is packed with a ton of functionality, including:

  • Unlimited personal libraries - So you can organize your notes into as many libraries & notebooks as you like
  • Up to 100MB per file upload & 5GB library storage - So you can attach significantly more images & documents to your notes and rely on Notejoy as your single repository
  • Search inside images & documents - We'll index all the text inside any images and documents you upload so that you can always search for them to quickly get back to exactly what you are looking for
  • Archive notes, notebooks, libraries - So you can get rid of the clutter but still search for it if you ever do need to come back to it
  • Note history - So you can view every single edit ever made to a note and restore to a previous version if need be
  • Export notes - So you can export your notes to Google Docs whenever you need to
  • Recovered deleted notes - So you can rest assured that you never accidentally delete something and permanently lose it
  • Priority support - So you'll be at the top of the queue whenever you reach out to the Notejoy team
  • And so much more coming soon!

As the Solo plan is intended for individuals who are using Notejoy on their own, your libraries will be limited to just yourself. If you are sharing with a team, definitely check out Notejoy Plus & Premium plans.

Ready to enjoy these benefits? Upgrade now.

Today we launched a simplified way for organization admins to manage their team. The new user management experience gives you a single dashboard to see all organization users and invited users. From there you can easily remove a user with a single click from all libraries. You can also cancel their account and ensure access is immediately revoked.

You can access this from the Manage Users menu in the user menu in the bottom-left corner of Notejoy.

User management is available in Notejoy Premium. Learn more about the benefits of Notejoy Premium here.

Today we are excited to launch the ability to search inside images & documents! Helping you quickly find exactly what you are looking for is core to what Notejoy is all about. Today's launch significantly expands upon Notejoy's already robust search to now help you query for text inside the images and documents you attach to notes.

Now when you upload an image to a note, we leverage machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to find all the text in the image, save it to our search index, and allow you to query for it when searching on Notejoy.

We do the same for documents that you upload or attach to notes: extract all the text from the document, add it to our search index, and make it queryable when you search. This even works great for scanned PDF documents, which we treat as images to extract all the text. We support searching inside PDF files, Microsoft Word files (including both .doc and .docx extensions) as well as Google Docs.

When you search, you'll now see search result snippets that start with Image or Document, indicating that your search term was found in the note's attached images or documents. You'll even see a snippet of your search text that was found in the image or document.

There are so many great ways to take advantage of this. Maybe you upload business card images you snap to Notejoy and now you can quickly search for a name to get back to the card.

Or you can upload PDFs, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word files you've created and make them broadly searchable across the entire team.

Search inside images & documents is available today to Notejoy Plus or Notejoy Premium subscribers. So if you haven't upgraded yet, learn more about our plans here.

We added a billing history pane in the Settings dialog so you can view all past bills for your Notejoy premium account as well as view and print receipts whenever needed.

You'll find a link to Billing History at the bottom of Plan Settings or head there directly now.

Based on feedback from all of you we've improved the way notebook sorting works in Notejoy. Now each notebook has it's own sort setting that only applies to that specific notebook. When you set it, we'll remember it for each time you come back to the notebook. But it won't affect any other notebook.

This way you can customize each notebook to have the perfect sort for the scenario.

For shared notebooks the sort setting now applies to all viewers of the notebook. This way you can ensure viewers see notes in the order you'd like them to. Anyone who can edit a notebook can change it's sort.

Oh, and happy new year! :)

We've updated the web clipper to automatically remember the last notebook you saved a clip to and default to it for your next clip.

We hope this helps you save a few more seconds when you're clipping multiple articles or resources at a time.

Today the Notejoy Web Clipper leaves beta and reaches 1.0! We've added the ability to clip images, PDFs, and videos in addition to articles as well as brought it to Mozilla Firefox in addition to Google Chrome.

With the Notejoy Web Clipper you can easily save and share anything you see on the web directly to Notejoy.

Clip anything

  • Clip any web page you find across the web
  • Save as a simplified article for easy reading within Notejoy
  • Or save a bookmark to get back to the original at any time
  • Clip images, PDFs, and videos in addition to articles
  • Great for saving any content you come across as part of your project's research

Easily share

  • Simply save your clip in a team library to give your colleagues access
  • Add a comment and @mention colleagues to bring the clip to their attention and start a conversation
  • Easily maintain a central hub for your team to come back to so important research doesn't get lost in email or Slack

Get started now: Install on Google Chrome / Install on Mozilla Firefox

We just launched a new page to showcase Notejoy's features to help prospective users learn about all of its rich functionality.

But we've found it's also great for existing users who may not yet be taking advantage of everything Notejoy has to offer. We even link every feature to its help article so you can learn more. So head on over and test your Notejoy knowledge!

View now: Features

We've made it easier to discover Notejoy's apps for Mac, Win, iOS, and Android; web clipper for Google Chrome; and integrations with Trello, Slack, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office, all from right within the Notejoy experience.

Just click Apps & Integrations from the user menu in the sidebar footer.

Today we are excited to release feature-packed updates to both our iOS and Android apps!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Tags: You can now browse tags from the sidebar as well as search for them.
  • Collapsible libraries: Libraries can be collapsed and expanded and will reflect the previous state you left them in across desktop, mobile, and web.
  • Archived notebooks and libraries: Archived notebooks and libraries are now hidden from the sidebar.
  • No notes found search indicator: So you know exactly when your search is complete and has returned no results instead of possibly still running.
  • Notebook deep links: Now both note and notebook links take you to the right place in the app.

To take advantage of all this goodness, head over to the App Store or Play Store and make sure you have the latest update.

Today our Android app leaves beta and reaches 1.0! We're excited to bring the best of Notejoy to the world's most popular mobile operating system.

With Notejoy for Android, you can:

  • View, edit, and create notes
  • Like, react to, or comment on notes
  • Receive notifications on views, likes, reactions, comments, and more
  • Search and browse all personal and shared libraries
  • View attached Google Docs, Microsoft Office files, PDFs, audio, and video
  • And so much more!

Download Notejoy for Android.

We care deeply about maintaining a polished, high quality, bug-free experience in Notejoy, so we've streamlined the process for you to report bugs you run into so we can get them squashed ASAP!

To report a bug, select Report Bug from the user menu in Notejoy.

From there you'll be able to provide details of the issue you are experiencing.

We'll also automatically send debug info to help us to investigate the issue. The following information will automatically be included with your bug report:

  • The Notejoy client you are using as well as your user agent
  • The version of Notejoy you are using
  • Your current URL in Notejoy
  • Recent client error & log messages

Today we are excited to launch the ability to archive notebooks and libraries!

We strive to make Notejoy the easiest and most efficient way to get back to your most important personal and team work. But occasionally information in Notejoy becomes out-dated, stale, or no longer relevant. Maybe it's an old version of a product spec. Or a project that is completely over. Or a company policy that no longer applies. We started helping you address this by introducing the ability to archive notes, which marks them as stale, hides them from browse lists, but are still searchable when needed. Today we are taking that functionality even further with the ability to archive entire notebooks and libraries.

Archive a Notebook

To archive a notebook, right-click on the notebook in the sidebar and select Archive. Once you confirm, this will hide the notebook from the sidebar and also archive all the notes within the notebook. You'll still be able to find these notes via search if needed.

Now when you go to that library's overview, you'll see a mention of the number of archived notebook in the header. Any time you need to get back to an archived notebook, just click on the archived notebooks number in the library overview and it will let you select an archived notebook to view. Once viewing the archived notebook, you can unarchive if you ever need to by right-clicking it in the sidebar and selecting Unarchive.

Archive a Library

To archive a library, right-click on the library in the sidebar and selected Archive. Once you confirm, this will hide the library from the sidebar and archive all its notebooks and notes. You'll still be able to find these notes via search if needed.

To view an archived library, go to the Libraries pane in Settings. There you'll see all your archived libraries and can select View from the drop-down to view the archived library. Once viewing the archived library, you can unarchive it if you ever need to by right-clicking it in the sidebar and selecting Unarchive.

To take advantage of archiving notebooks & libraries, upgrade to Notejoy Plus or Premium today!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of tags!

Tags provide another way to organize your notes beyond libraries & notebooks. They are super helpful for bringing together notes across notebooks that relate to the same project. So you could, for example, consolidate notes across Product, Marketing, and Sales notebooks with a single #project-gemini tag. They are also great for marking specific notes for quicker retrieval. You could, say, create a #to-read tag to remind yourself of clips and content you want to remember to read. Tags are even great for providing status or call-to-actions to your team. Say a #feedback-welcome tag when you are looking for feedback from your team.

Adding Tags

To add a tag to a note, simply type a hash following by your tag name (ex: #project-gemini) in the note title or anywhere in the note body. You can include as many tags as you like in either or both locations.

You can use any non-space character in your tag name, including dashes, periods, slashes, and more. Notejoy ignores tags that are just numbers (#1, #12, etc) since it's unlikely the intent is to add a tag. Notejoy also ignores any tags inside of code blocks. And if you ever want to ignore tags in a note entirely, just add #ignoretags anywhere in the note.

Browsing & Searching Tags

Once you've added a tag, the tag will show up in the tags section in the sidebar. You'll be able to click on a tag in the sidebar to quickly search for all notes that have that tag. Tags will be displayed alphabetically in the sidebar and will be shown lower case regardless of how you type them in your note. Notejoy will show up to 250 tags in the sidebar. Notejoy will also remember if you last left the tag list in the sidebar expanded or collapsed and always return you to your preferred state.

You can also search directly for your tag (ex: #tag) to quickly get back to all notes with the tag. Or refine your search even further by including keywords alongside your tag to find notes with both your tag and search terms.

Team Tags

Tags are seen by anyone who has access to the note containing the tag. So if you add tags to a note in a team library, everyone in the team library will see the tag show up in their tags list in the sidebar and be able to see all tagged notes they have access to. If you use tags just in your personal libraries, those tags will only ever be visible to you.

The tags section will show up in the sidebar as soon as you add your first tag. So get tagging!

We're excited to announce the Notejoy Web Clipper Beta! Now you can easily save and share anything you see on the web directly to Notejoy.

Clip Anything
  • Clip any web page you find across the web
  • Save as a simplified article for easy reading within Notejoy
  • Or save a bookmark to get back to the original at any time
  • Great for articles, images, news, and other content you come across as part of your project's research
Easily Share
  • Simply save your clip in a team library to give your colleagues access
  • Add a comment and @mention colleagues to bring the clip to their attention and start a conversation
  • Easily maintain a central hub for your team to come back to so important research doesn't get lost in email or Slack

Interested in trying out the beta? Install on Chrome (more browsers coming soon).

Today we're adding additional header styles up to H5. While these new headers aren't shown in the styling bar, you can easily add them via keyboard shortcuts (Cmd+3, Cmd+4, Cmd+5) or via markdown syntax (###, ####, #####). You'll find these listed in the keyboard shortcuts dialog in case you forget.

Today we're excited to announce the Notejoy for Android Beta! We're excited to bring the best of Notejoy to the most popular mobile operating system.

We're looking for beta testers interested in trying out the app and providing feedback. Interested? Click here to get access now!

Are you using Station to manage all your work apps? If so, Notejoy is now fully integrated. You can easily use Notejoy alongside all your other work apps in a seamless workflow supported by Station.

You'll find Notejoy now listed in the Station app store. Just search for "notejoy" and click install.

You can now indent/un-indent bullets, lists, and checklists from Notejoy's iOS app. Just tap the indent/un-indent styling actions that'll appear in the styling bar after you've created a list.

Get Notejoy v1.3 from the iOS App Store today!

You can now create team libraries and notebooks right from Notejoy's iOS app.

  • Create team library - You'll find the Add Library option in the sidebar at the bottom of your list of libraries. You'll have options to enable domain sharing, add it to your organization, and to invite team members to it.
  • Create notebook - You'll see a plus icon in the sidebar next to each team library that allows you to add a notebook to it.

Get Notejoy v1.3 from the iOS App Store today!

We now highlight the features we are currently working on in our Feature Requests page so you always know what's going to be released soon.

We just launched a major upgrade to our search experience to make search queries much faster! We're seeing over a magnitude improvement in performance on most queries, helping you get to your most relevant notes quicker than ever.

We took this opportunity to not just increase the performance of search, but introduce a bunch of additional search goodies:

  • Search snippets - The notes list now shows a snippet of where your query shows up within the note, giving you additional context on whether this note is what you're looking for
  • Fuzzy matching - We'll now show you plural versions of your query, misspellings, and other closely related terms
  • Exact match - If you want to find an exact phrase within a note, just put it in quotes "like this" and we'll only show you notes that match the full phrase
  • Search filenames - If your query is found in the filename of an attached image or document, we'll show it in your search results and even point it out in the search snippet
  • Improved relevance - We've upgraded our relevance algorithms so you should see higher quality results overall

Search is critical to making Notejoy the best place to capture, share, and discover your and your team's most important ideas, so expect us to continue to invest in making Notejoy's search experience best-in-class.

Notejoy's iOS app now supports viewing uploaded documents right from the app, including:
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint files
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • PDFs
  • Audio files
  • Video files

Get Notejoy v1.2 from the iOS App Store today!

Today we published our first case study showcasing how Zapier's Ops team stays in sync with Notejoy. This is the first of many upcoming case studies.

Interested in being featured? Get in touch!

We've made a bunch of improvements to the user experience when a user clicks on a note, notebook, or library link and doesn't currently have a Notejoy account.

The user will now experience the following:

  • The user will see a quick teaser page with the name of the note/notebook/library they are trying to view and a prompt to signup with their email to view it
  • If they click the already have an account button, it'll allow them to login and then take them directly to what they were trying to view
  • If they go through the signup process, at the end of the signup process it'll directly take them to what they were trying to view
  • If they don't have access, it'll show them a Request Access toast notification where they can request access from the library admins

This enables a far more seamless workflow if you simply share a link with a colleague on email or Slack.

We've made a bunch of improvements to Notejoy's image experience, including:
  • When you upload a new version of an image, we fixed a previous caching issue that occasionally caused the old version of the image to be shown
  • When you paste an image into Notejoy, we add a timestamp to the image filename to ensure it maintains a unique name
  • When you upload a new profile image, we fixed a previous caching issue that occasionally caused your previous profile image to be shown

We've sped up the time it takes to upload documents into notes by enabling direct upload from your computer to our storage provider. Enjoy those saved minutes!

Notejoy now ensures that if you ever make changes to a note that may not have been saved on the server, you are prompted the next time you come back to Notejoy to recover those unsaved changes.

Your last note edits are now saved locally in the Notejoy app or browser until we know they have been successfully saved by the server, allowing us to prompt you to recover them if they haven't been saved yet.

Keep in mind that if you lose your internet connection and simply keep Notejoy open, Notejoy will always automatically save any pending changes as soon as your connection is re-established.

Notejoy now supports markdown syntax, which allows you to type a few quick keystrokes in the editor to enable a formatting option, ensuring your hands never have to leave your keys.

Type any of the below followed by a space and the format will automatically be applied. You can also press ? in Notejoy to see this full list of markdown syntax.

This complements our already rich keyboard shortcuts to help make you as productive as possible in Notejoy!

We've added a keyboard shortcut to toggle focus view: just press V.

We now allow you to add a custom message when you send a team library invite to someone. After you add an email in the Library Sharing dialog, the optional message field will show up. Just add a short note if you'd like.

It's a great way to explain what Notejoy is all about and how you intend to use it with your collaborator.

In addition to the new features we are continually adding to Notejoy, we also spend time improving Notejoy's infrastructure to deliver a faster, more reliable Notejoy experience.

Today we made a series of infrastructure enhancements that improve the performance, redundancy, and fault-tolerance of our cache servers, a core component of our infrastructure.

What does this mean for you? It means a more consistently fast experience as well as greater protection against downtime or service interruptions.

Today's release is chock-full of enhancements and bug fixes to make your Notejoy experience just a tad bit smoother:

  • We now allow you to request access when you try to view a library or notebook you don't have access to, just like we already do for notes
  • We prevent Google Chrome from offering to translate Notejoy notes, which could inadvertently cause the note to be replaced with the translated version
  • We now default to the Recent view after a variety of canceled actions, like canceling search or after trying to to view notes, notebooks, or libraries you don't have access to
  • We prevent you from leaving a team library where you are the only admin. You can either add another admin or delete the library instead.
  • After updating your credit card on file, we ensure the last 4 digits of the new card are immediately shown so you know the update went through

Notejoy now allows you to play video files that you upload to notes directly without having to first download the file. This is great for storing and playing back creative assets, meeting recordings, and other video files. You can play, pause, or jump to any part of the video file with ease.

Notejoy support all video file types that your browser natively supports, which typically includes mp4, webm, ogg, mov, and more.

This is now available in Notejoy's web and desktop apps and will be coming to the mobile app in the near future.

You can now see the word count for any note in Notejoy. Just select Word Count from the note actions menu in the top-right corner of a note.

You'll be able to see total words, total characters, as well as total characters excluding spaces. Super helpful for tracking the length of blogs, essays, or even composing that perfect tweet.

While we've always allowed you to re-order libraries from the Libraries Settings page, we now let you re-order libraries directly from the sidebar by simply dragging them to exactly where you want them.

Just another way we hope to make Notejoy the most intuitive way to organize your notes, ideas, and projects.

When you receive an email notification from a collaborator in Notejoy, we give you a one-click action to directly view their comment, reaction, and more and as well as participate in the conversation in Notejoy.

But sometimes you really just want to send back a quick email to the collaborator. So we've set the reply-to field of the email notification to the email address of the collaborator. So you can now just hit the reply button to send them an email message.

Keep in mind: this does NOT update Notejoy with your comment, so we still encourage you to head over to Notejoy and add your comments and reactions there to keep all your conversations together in Notejoy. But we wanted to provide this option for those who have been requesting it.

We now allow you to easily collapse libraries in the Notejoy sidebar to hide their notebooks. Simply click the folder icon to the left of the library to collapse & expand it.

This makes it easy to clean up your sidebar to help you focus on the projects you are currently working on.

We've improved library overviews to include a premium badge as well as the current amount of storage used.

The gold header as well as the Premium text indicate this library is an upgraded library that enjoys premium benefits. You can hover over the Premium text to see the library's specific plan type.

The header also now includes the number of megabytes of storage currently used for the library. This will only show up once you've used at least 1 MB of storage.

We added a markdown accelerator for code blocks to make it even quicker to start a code block in the editor. Just type ``` followed by a space or enter and you'll immediately be placed in a code block.

Once you are done with the code block and want to end it, just hit enter 3 times.

You can see the full list of markdown accelerators here.

Notejoy has improved international support for search, ensuring that any queries with non-ASCII characters find all notes that contain those keywords throughout the note body.

Today we are excited to announce the redesign of our code style to support rich syntax highlighting across a wide variety of languages. Our editor will automatically detect the language and apply just the right styling to improve readability of your code.

This is great for sharing database queries, code samples, documenting code, sharing API guides, and so much more!

Syntax highlighting is available today across our web and desktop apps and will be coming soon to our mobile app.

Notejoy now allows you to play audio files that you upload to notes directly without having to first download the file. This is great for storing and playing back meeting recordings, audio notes, and more. You can play, pause, or jump to any part of the audio file with ease.

Notejoy support all audio file types that your browser natively supports, which typically includes wav, mp3, webm, ogg, m4a, aac, flac, and more.

This is now available in Notejoy's web and desktop apps and will be coming to the mobile app in the near future.

We've upgraded the spell checker within Notejoy for Mac to now support multiple languages! It will automatically detect your language based on your OS preferences and apply the appropriate language spell checker.

The spell checker supports all languages that Google Chrome supports.

We've added the divider style into the styling bar so it's easier than ever to separate sections within your note.

You can also type "---" + enter to create a divider directly from your keyboard.

You can now use the escape key to close any dialog within Notejoy.

We've increased the storage limits in Notejoy Premium. You can now upload files up to 1GB in size and up to 20GB of library storage!

We've updated our Privacy Policy to reflect Notejoy's compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), effective May 25th, 2018.

The changes include increased transparency on what data we collect and how we use. In addition, we've updated the policy with information about your rights and choices with respect to your data.

While the GDPR only applies to the personal data of EU residents, we believe everyone deserves the same level of protection and control over their personal data. As a result, the updates to our Privacy Policy apply globally.

You can review the latest privacy policy here.

As always, if you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

Today we launched an update to our Slack integration to take advantage of Slack's latest feature: actions. You can now create a note from any Slack conversation in just one click!

While we've always enabled you to use our /notejoy grab command to create notes, you can now do so without having to remember the command at all.

Just click on the More Actions menu (the triple dots in the top-right corner of a message) and select "Create a note...". You'll then see a dialog to allow you to customize the note's title, notebook, and body, all without leaving Slack.

If you haven't yet installed Notejoy's Slack app, get started here.

We've updated the notification tray across our web, desktop, and mobile apps to now show 20 notification items, so you can easily go back further in your notification history.

Based on your feedback, we've made it so you can now double click a note in the notes list to open it in a new window. This mirrors the experience in other popular notes app, making it just a bit faster & easier to transition over!

We've always been eager to hear your feedback on what exactly you'd like to see added to Notejoy. Today we are excited to make it even easier for you to share your feature requests as well as vote on other user suggestions. So head over to the Feature Requests page today and help shape Notejoy's roadmap!

You can now cancel your account directly from Account Settings instead of having to reach out to support.

We've made it even quicker to add new team libraries to your paid plan. Now directly from the Add Team Library dialog you'll have the option to add the new team library to your organization.

This saves you the step of having to subsequently go to Plan Settings and add the library to your organization's plan. This option will only appear for organization admins.

Just another way we try to save you every last click!

We added a security page to help communicate all the security best practices that we leverage to keep your team's data safe on Notejoy.

Today we are excited to launch the ability to view the entire history of a note as well as restore a note to any previous point in time in Notejoy Plus or Premium.

There are many great ways to take advantage of note history:

  • Working on a note with others? You can now easily see exactly who made what edits to understand each individual's contributions and perspective.
  • Writing a new direction on a paragraph but decide it just isn't working out? No worries. You can easily go back and restore to a previous rendition.
  • Did you or someone else accidentally delete crucial content in a note? You can rest assured that you always have the history of edits available to you to restore from.

To see a note's history, simply click the three dots in the top right corner of a note and select History.

You'll then see the History bar, which allows you to scroll through the entire history of note edits by author and time. You can click on the specific edit you want to see or use the UP and DOWN arrows to navigate through edits.

When viewing an edit you'll see specific changes that were made with additions highlighted in green and deletes shown with strikethroughs.

If you want to restore to a specific version, select the note version from the History bar and then press Restore. After you confirm the restore, the note will be updated to reflect the specific version you restored. This new version will be added to the note history, so you can always go back to a previous version if you like.

History is recorded for all notes created or edited after April 25, 2018.

To take advantage of note history, upgrade to Notejoy Plus or Notejoy Premium today!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Notejoy's deep integration with Trello, a popular task management app, to make it completely seamless to keep your notes and tasks in sync!

Both Notejoy and Trello share a love for fast, beautiful, and simple user experiences. So we jumped at the opportunity to bring our apps together to help users be more productive every day.

With Notejoy's Trello integration, you can:

  • Attach an existing Notejoy note to a Trello card
  • Create a new Notejoy note from a Trello card
  • See note details including authors, when it was edited, and more right in Trello
  • Directly view & collaboratively edit notes right in Trello

How teams can use Notejoy's Trello integration

We built this integration to address a common pain point where teams often need to link their Trello tasks with more details or content. Teams can use this integration to:

  • Attach blog posts drafts to a Trello board for managing content
  • Attach product specs to a Trello board for managing a product roadmap
  • Attach customer feedback notes to a Trello board for onboarding customers
  • And so much more!

How to get started

  1. Go to the board you want to install the Notejoy Power-Up on Trello
  2. Select Power-Ups from the Board Menu
  3. Search for Notejoy and click Enable

Here's how to take advantage of each benefit of the Trello integration:

Attach a note to a Trello card

Attaching a note to a Trello card makes it easier than ever to keep tasks & their associated notes seamlessly in sync. From a Trello card, press the Notejoy Power-Up and select Attach a Note. You'll then be able to search your notes to find your desired one.

To make sure all Trello board members can access the attached Notejoy note, make sure the note is in a team library and you have given all board members access to the team library.

Create a new note from a Trello card

Sometimes you'll start your workflow with a Trello card. In that case, we've made is super quick to create a new Notejoy note where you can keep all the task details. Press the Notejoy Power-Up button on the Trello Card and select Create a Note. We'll even automatically suggest a name for you based on the card name.

See note details right in Trello

Once you've attached a note to a Trello card, whoever comes to the Trello card will always see the latest details of the note, including note authors, when it was last modified, it's title, and description.

View & collaboratively edit notes in Trello

When you click on an attached note on a Trello card, you'll be able to see the full note right inside of Trello. You'll even be able to directly edit the note from Trello, including collaborating with other editors regardless of where they may be editing (Trello, Notejoy's web, desktop, or mobile apps).

If you need to go deeper, like comment or react to a note, you can click the Open in Notejoy link to be deep-linked to the note in Notejoy.

Take your notes everywhere with Notejoy's desktop & mobile apps

Trello users can now take advantage of the full power of Notejoy, including fast and beautiful apps across web, desktop, and mobile that bring your notes everywhere you go.

In addition real-time editing, comments, @mentions, reactions, and more make it the ideal platform for sharing notes with your entire team.

How to get started

  1. Go to the board you want to install the Notejoy Power-Up on Trello
  2. Select Power-Ups from the Board Menu
  3. Search for Notejoy and click Enable

You can now sort notes in a notebook alphabetically or by creation date, in addition to the default sort by last modified date. To change the sort, click the sort icon at the top left of the notes list. Once you change the sort, it will be applied to all notebooks going forward.

Keep in mind the sort preference only applies to you. Other notebook users will need to update their own sort to see notes sorted differently.

You've told us how much you enjoy dragging & dropping images directly into the note editor, so we've brought that same experience to uploading documents into a note. So you can now simply drag a document from your desktop (or other apps like iMessage) directly on the note editor and it'll automatically be uploaded right into the note.

The document embed will be located at the most recent location of the cursor in the note. So make sure to place your cursor where you'd like the document located prior to dragging.

We're always looking for more ways to make you even more productive, so keep the feedback coming!

To make it easy to view & edit multiple notes at once, Notejoy now allows you to pop out a note into it's own window at any point. You can do this with as many notes as you choose and is available across our web & desktop apps.

Just select the New Window menu item in the more actions menu in the top-right corner of a note.

Today we launched the ability to recover notes that have been deleted and removed from the Trash to help ensure you never lose any of your team's valuable information.

You'll see a recover deleted notes link at the bottom of the Trash that will bring up this dialog. Then click on recover next to any note and it'll move it back to the Trash. From there you can drag it to whichever notebook you like.

You'll be able to see all notes that were deleted from libraries you are an admin of in the dialog. If you're trying to recover a note in a library you aren't an admin in, please contact your admin to assist you.

Recover deleted notes plus our recently launched enhanced Trash ensures you can never lose your team's most valuable information.

To take advantage of this, upgrade now to Notejoy Plus or Notejoy Premium. Learn more about our paid plans at Plans & Pricing.

We added a chat widget to our homepage, so come and chat with us!

We've improved Notejoy's Trash to allow you to see deleted notes that:

  • You deleted
  • You authored
  • Or you were an admin of the library it was in

This makes it easy for all the right people to be able to see trashed notes and recover them if needed.

Today we launched the ability for a user to request access to a library when they don't already have the needed permission.

When a user tries to view a note, react to a note, or do another action in Notejoy for which they do not yet have access, they'll be notified that they need permission.

From the notification the user will have the option to request access to the library. The request will default to the permission-level they need to perform their requested action. But the user is free to request a different permission level if they desire. They'll also have an option to provide a short message for why they want access.

The request will be sent to each of the admins of the library via email. They'll be given a one-click option to grant the requested access to the user, significantly speeding up the permissions process.

Today we launched the ability to add team members to libraries with Can view or Can comment permissions, limiting them to only viewing or commenting on existing notes.

This is super helpful when you find you want a small group of collaborators editing notes while the rest of the team is simply viewing or commenting. This can be useful for sharing HR policies, onboarding materials, corporate communications, and so much more.

When inviting a new team member from the library sharing dialog, simply pick Can view or Can comment from the permission drop-down. You can also change an existing team member's permission by simply selecting the new desired permission from the drop-down next to their name.

To take advantage of this, upgrade now to Notejoy Plus or Notejoy Premium. Learn more about our paid plans at Plans & Pricing.

Today we launched iPhone X support to make Notejoy look beautiful on everyone's new favorite device.

Get Notejoy v1.1 from the iOS App Store now.

Today we launched a simplified iOS signup to make it super quick to get started with Notejoy. It's now just one-click signup with a Google account or a few simple fields to get going with any e-mail address.

We've also added a forgot password option into the app, which will send you a quick link and then immediately give you access to the app.

Get Notejoy v1.1 from the iOS App Store to enjoy these updates.

Today we launched the Notejoy iOS app for iPhone & iPad across all 155 international markets.

So if you haven't already, head over to the App Store and download it now.

Today we launched an all-new Help Center to help you learn more about Notejoy and answer all of your questions.

You can easily search the Help Center for your feature questions. If you can't find an answer, we encourage you to reach out to us via the Contact Us link on the page as we'd love to hear from you and keep adding new helpful content to the help center.

Just click the Help menu item in the user menu in the bottom left corner of Notejoy to get to the Help Center.

Today we publicly launched Notejoy and opened it up for any user to signup.

We're thankful for all our early access users that have given us incredible feedback over the last two years to help us iterate on Notejoy and make it what it is today!

We were featured on Product Hunt today, so we'd encourage you to check out the post. I also wrote a blog post sharing the story behind Notejoy here.

At Notejoy, we believe in empowering you to be notified if and when you want to be of activity happening on your teams. We've always supported granular controls of notifications across all notification channels, including email, Slack, desktop, and mobile.

Today we are taking this even further by allowing you to control in app notifications as well. Don't want to see the notification badge turn red and the associated notification menu items for certain activity types? Now you can easily disable them by turning off specific in app notifications from Notification Settings.

We just launched an update to the Notejoy iOS app bringing new styles and features we've added on desktop to mobile, including:
  • Custom highlight colors
  • Highlight comments
  • Sub-tasks
  • Dividers
  • Invite accepted notifications

We've also fixed some of the bugs you've helped us identify, including:
  • Embedded images are no longer awkwardly stretched
  • Embedded videos no longer cause notes to reload
  • Checkboxes no longer check due to accidental taps
We believe that one of the core values of Notejoy is enabling incredibly fast search to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

That's why today we are excited to announce another important enhancement to making search awesome: the ability to see your search term highlighted throughout the note title & body. It's now quicker than ever to find relevant information and see exactly where in a note your term is contained. We'll even scroll the note to the first occurrence for you. And you don't have to worry about toggling this on & off: we take care of that for you. As soon as you click into the note to edit, we'll remove all the search highlights and return to your regular note editing experience.

Check it out on your next search.

We're eager to make it as easy as possible to get started with Notejoy, so today we are launching an enhancement to our existing Import Documents functionality. You can now directly import the content of a Google Document into a Notejoy note's body in addition to the existing ability to embed a link to the original Google Document.

We do our best to maintain your original styles, including headers, bold, italic, bullets, links, and more. However, tables, multi-level bullets, and underlines are not currently imported.

To start importing Google Documents, click the Add Note drop-down and select Import Documents.

It's our goal to make you more efficient and productive everyday as you collaborate with your team. While many of our enhancements are focused on improving the quality of that experience, we also want to give you peace of mind as you use Notejoy.

Today we are introducing the ability to export all your notes to Google Drive, ensuring that as you use Notejoy for your team, you always have the option to take your notes out whenever you'd like.

The new export notes functionality allows you to pick a Notejoy library or notebook and have it exported to a Google Drive folder. Each of your notes will automatically be converted to a Google Document, preserving all your text, images, formatting, and styles.

From Google Drive, you can easily convert the exported notes to other file formats, including Microsoft Word, OpenDocument Format, or Rich Text Format files.

To access the export notes feature, visit your Account Settings.

We'll now notify you when a library invite you sent to a team member has been accepted. This way you'll always know when your team is on-board.
We've added a horizontal rule divider to make it easy for you to easily separate sections within your note.

Just type --- and follow it by a space or enter and it'll automatically be converted into a horizontal line divider.

You can now easily rotate an image in the image viewer. Just click the rotate icon in the image viewer and it'll rotate and save the rotated image.

You can now easily duplicate a note just by right-clicking on it and selecting duplicate.

This becomes super useful when you start to use notes as templates. Maybe it's an OKR template, a product spec template, or go-to-market campaign template. Duplicating notes enables you to easily create a template and then create new copies of it in seconds!

Checklists now support sub-tasks. Just press tab on a task and it'll automatically be indented. We support any number of levels of sub-tasks. Then just hit backspace to go back to the previous level. Or enter to end a checklist.

We've also made it quicker to start a checklist. Just type [] at the beginning of a line and it'll be converted to a checklist.

To help your team get on-board, we now automatically send an invite reminder two days after you initially sent them an invite if they haven't yet signed up.
You can now edit comments in Notejoy. Just click the dots next to the comment in Chatter and hit Edit.

We now enable you to customize the highlight color you use to draw attention to text within a note. Comes in really handy when conveying status, reporting on OKRs, and so much more!

Today we launched one of our most requested features: the ability to create a comment associated with specific text within a note. We call these highlight comments. We've worked hard to make this as elegant of an experience as the rest of Notejoy.

To take advantage of highlight comments, select some text in the editor, press the comment icon that shows up, and type your comment. Note authors will receive a notification and all note viewers will then be able to click on your highlight to view the associated comment in Chatter.

As part of this release, we are also introducing archived comments to enable you to archive a comment you've dealt with. This will ensure the comment's associated text is no longer highlighted within the editor as well as hide the comment within Chatter. To archive a comment, hover over the comment in Chatter, click the dots, and press Archive.

Keep your feedback coming as we're eager to make Notejoy the most productive way to collaborate with your team!

We now allow you to take full advantage of productivity enhancements in iOS 11 with Slide Over and Split View support, enabling you to have Notejoy open side-by-side with any other app you may be using.

We also fixed a bug that caused checklists to not persist checked on mobile.

To get the latest build, open the TestFlight app on your iOS device and press Update next to Notejoy.

You asked us to allow you to expand the Chatter Bar width when you are focusing on the discussion around a note. So today we're enabling you to do exactly that. Just drag the column to expand it to your hearts content.

We released a new version of the iOS app today to fix crashes introduced by iOS 11. Previously when you attempted to edit a note after upgrading to iOS 11, the app would crash within a few seconds. This has now been resolved.

To get the latest build, open the TestFlight app on your iOS device and press Update next to Notejoy.
Today we launched a new marketing site to showcase the benefits of Notejoy to new users. We also added a post-onboarding tour to help educate new users on what Notejoy is all about.

Today we launched a new version of the iOS app with a host of improvements:

Much smoother animations
We've significantly improved the performance of animations used in the app, resulting in a far smoother experience when moving between screens throughout the app.

Landscape mode
We've enabled landscape mode, which ends up being especially useful when using Notejoy on an iPad.

Improved intermittent connection robustness
We've significantly improved how Notejoy handles losing internet connection. Since slight dips in signal can happen at any moment on a mobile device, especially when moving between networks, WiFi routers, cell towers, etc, this ends up being critical for creating a robust experience on mobile and ensuring you never lose an edit you've made on the go.

To get the latest build, open the TestFlight app on your iOS device and press Update next to Notejoy.
A few stability updates to the Notejoy mobile app:
  • Added an unsaved indicator when you attempt to leave a note that is currently being saved to prevent any potential edits being lost
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a note edit to not be re-sent during intermittent Internet connection
  • Added additional error tracking to help diagnose bugs & issues
Notejoy now gives team admins the ability to easily monitor usage across their users & libraries. You can easily see weekly actives, weekly note views, and weekly notes created for the past 3 months.

Team Activity is available in Notejoy Premium. You can upgrade to Notejoy Premium from Plan Settings. Once upgraded, click on the Team Activity menu item in the user menu in the bottom-left corner of Notejoy.

Notejoy takes the security and privacy of our teams and users seriously and are excited today to announce the availability of full end-to-end encryption in Notejoy.

With end-to-end encryption, Notejoy ensures:
  • All users use SSL to communicate with Notejoy's servers across all clients (web, desktop, and mobile)
  • Data stored in Notejoy's databases is encrypted at rest using industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm
  • All data backups are also stored in an encrypted state
  • All images and documents attached to notes are also encrypted at rest on our cloud storage provider using industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm
  • Encryption keys are stored independently from underlying encrypted data and files to further protect user data
End-to-end encryption is available in Notejoy Premium, which we are also introducing today. Notejoy Premium is available for $12.50/user/mo (billed annually) or $15/user/mo (billed monthly).

To get started, upgrade to Notejoy Premium in Plan Settings. There you'll be able to select which team libraries you'd like to upgrade and you'll be automatically billed for team members of those libraries. Those team libraries will then be immediately encrypted. All upgraded team member's personal libraries will also be encrypted to ensure both individual and team data is always protected.
We've released an update to the iPhone app with the following improvements:
  • The Recent and Starred views now show the notebook where the note is contained
  • You can now see the current saving / saved status of a note while editing
  • Fixed an edge case that could result in not seeing the most up-to-date version of a note
Today we released a few enhancements and fixes:
  • The Recent and Starred views now show the notebook where the note is contained
  • When you hover over the notebook name in the Recent, Starred, and Search views, you'll be able to see the library where the note lives
  • Fixed an issue where a new notebook was not created in the correct library when currently looking at a Library Overview
  • The Recent view no longer show notes that are in someone else's Trash
  • Fixed an edge case that could result in not seeing the most up-to-date version of a note
Today we released a few updates to the Notejoy Mac & Windows apps:
  • You can now use Cmd+H to hide the Notejoy window
  • You can use Cmd+N to create a new Notejoy window
  • All open Notejoy windows are now listed and togglable in the Window menu
  • Improved the performance of the spell checker
  • Fixed a few errors that occasionally occurred when you lost Internet connection
We're excited today to announce Notejoy's deep integration with Slack, the #1 team messaging app. Slack and Notejoy now work seamlessly together, allowing you to take advantage of best-of-breed tools for communication & collaboration to make it truly effortless to capture, share, and discuss your team's work.

With Notejoy's Slack integration, you can now:
  • Receive notifications in Slack
  • See the latest Notejoy activity in Slack
  • Grab conversations and save to note with /notejoy grab
  • Search and share notes with /notejoy search
  • See your recent notes with /notejoy recent
  • Post notes to Slack
  • See note previews in Slack
Get started by connecting Slack in Settings.

Here's how to take advantage of each benefit of the Slack integration:

Receive notifications in Slack
Whenever someone likes, reacts, comments, mentions, or pins your notes, you'll now receive a notification from the notejoy bot as a direct message in Slack. It's a great way to stay up-to-date on what's happening on Notejoy in the Slack app you're already living in.

You can also configure precisely which Notejoy notifications you want to receive across each of our supported notification channels (Email, Slack, Desktop, and Mobile) in Settings.

See the latest Notejoy activity in Slack
You can now help your whole team to stay on top of activity in Notejoy with Slack Activity Updates. Activity Updates allow you to automatically post activity from a Notejoy library or notebook to a Slack channel. You can set the frequency to real-time updates so that all likes, reactions, comments, mentions, and pins are automatically posted to a channel. Or you can set the frequency to daily or weekly highlights to just have the newest and most popular notes from the previous day or week posted to a channel.

You can configure each of the rules for what activity updates get shared to Slack channels from Settings.

Grab conversations and save to note with /notejoy grab
We've all been there when a Slack conversation should really be captured for longevity. We've made that easier than ever with the new /notejoy grab command. Just type "/notejoy grab" in any channel and it'll automatically create a new note with the last 10 messages saved. You can specify the number of messages to grab by instead typing "/notejoy grab 25". After running the command, you'll get a chance to specify which notebook you'd like to add the note to as well as whether you want to post the new note to the channel.

Search and share notes with /notejoy search
Sometimes you want to share a Notejoy note with folks in a channel. We've made it super quick to search for and share that note all within Slack. Just type "/notejoy search " and you'll see the top 5 search results for your search term within Slack. You can then select one to post to the channel.

See your recent notes with /notejoy recent
Similarly you may want to share a note that you just finished editing in a channel. Just type "/notejoy recent" and you'll see the 5 most recent notes that you edited and then with one click you can post it to the channel.

Post notes to Slack
You can now quickly post any note in Notejoy to a Slack channel. Click the share icon in the top-right corner of a note in Notejoy and select Post to Slack. You'll be able to specify the channel and an optional message and then the note will be immediately posted to the channel.

See note previews in Slack
Now whenever you share a Notejoy note url within Slack, it will be automatically expanded into a rich note preview, showcasing the note's title, preview, authors, image, location, and date. It's never been easier for channel members to know exactly what your note is all about. Previews are generated for any notebook or library urls you share within Slack as well.

You can now easily re-order notebooks within a library or move a notebook to a different library. Just drag it in the sidebar to exactly where you'd like it.

Wondering whether someone has accepted your invite to a library? Now you can easily check from the invite users dialog. You can even re-send the invite to easily remind them to get on-board.

We've made adding images to notes even faster! Just drag an image from your desktop on top of the editor or copy/paste an image into the editor from any application, including your browser, desktop, Finder, a screenshot, iMessage, and more. It'll then be instantly added to the note and uploaded.

Just another way we save you clicks and make it faster than ever to capture your ideas.

We've expanded our support for embedded Google documents to mobile. You can now easily click on embedded Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides and view the full contents of the documents right from the Notejoy app.

Latest bug fixes & enhancements:
  • Improved copy/pasting from Notejoy to Google Docs to preserve additional formatting
  • Added a prominent add note button in the note list when a notebook is empty
  • Mobile: Fixed incorrect time stamp shown in child comments
  • Mobile: Fixed rendering issue when have many note authors
Just like the recent requests for personal notebook overviews, we've also heard you'd love for personal libraries to be clickable just like team libraries to give you a highlight reel of the library. They are now available as well.

We heard from all of you that you've been enjoying notebook overviews to quickly give you the highlights of a given notebook and that you'd love to see the same within personal notebooks. So we went ahead and added them. Any personal notebook with at least 5 notes will also now have a notebook overview.

We've made it even quicker for you to send us feedback on Notejoy. Just click the Feedback? link in the bottom-right corner of Notejoy and send away.

We'd love to hear from you on what you love about Notejoy and what you'd like to see improved. Found a bug? Have a question? Let us know!

You can now easily add or remove note authors from any note. Did someone else contribute to this work and want to make sure they get credit? Go ahead and add them as an author! Or did you make a small edit but don't want to show up as an author? You can now easily remove yourself.

Just click the Manage Authors menu item in the note actions menu in the top-right corner of the editor.

Latest updates:
  • Now show a note preview when click on a note link while logged out
  • Print: Fixed bullets not displaying and hid chatter tab
  • Signup: Fixed Chrome browser pop-up blocker causing G Suite login dialog to not always automatically display
  • Signup: Homepage now allows you to immediately sign up if you've been previously invited
  • Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate starred notes
  • Comments: Fixed @mentions occasionally not rendering
  • Removed occasional superfluous error message during note editing
  • Notejoy Weekly: Fixed occasional incorrect subject line
Latest round of updates:
  • Copy/pasting multi-level bullets from Google Docs now maintains all levels in Notejoy
  • You can now insert emoji into a note via copy/paste or keyboard input (FYI, it's Ctrl+Cmd+Space on Mac)
  • The Chatter sidebar now automatically opens when clicking through an email notification for note views, likes, reactions, and comments
  • No longer require login to unsubscribe from emails
  • Addressed a variety of rendering issues for Notejoy in Microsoft IE/Edge
  • Improved email rendering in Yahoo! Mail
Notejoy takes a step further today in helping you always be in the know on the latest from your team with the launch of Notejoy Weekly, a digest email delivered every Monday morning with the most relevant new and trending notes from your colleagues.

Notejoy Weekly is a simple and effortless way to stay up-to-date and discover what's going on in your team that you should know about. It also showcases your own stats, so you can see how your team is engaging with your notes.

Notejoy Weekly is just another way Notejoy tries to take all the work out of collaborating with your team.

We've made it even simpler to share a library with your entire team by setting a team library to be accessible to anyone with an email address at your domain.

Just enable domain sharing from the Library Sharing dialog and existing and future users with an email address at your domain will be automatically added.

This makes it even more effortless for your entire team to quickly get access to your team's knowledge without having to manage sharing permissions.

We've made it even easier to bring your Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides to Notejoy by offering to automatically expand file permissions when we notice you've attached a document that not everyone in the team library can see.

We'll do all the heavy lifting and offer a few options of making the file viewable within your domain, turning it into a public link, or simply adding the specific library users that don't have access.

Another round of bug fixes and improvements just went live:
  • Images: Now show a magnifying glass when you hover over an image so it's clear you can click to see a full-screen version
  • Images: You can now move your mouse cursor to the beginning of an image gallery so you can press enter to move it down
  • Images: Fixed issue where old image still shown after uploading a new version of an image
  • Increased notifications tray size so you can easily see more notifications
  • Ensured that regardless of how you signup, any libraries you were previously invited to will be automatically added
  • Mobile: Fixed an issue that occasionally resulted in a note becoming non-responsive after editing
Today we're excited to launch Notejoy for Windows, a beautifully designed standalone application for your PC. We're excited to have our Windows version added to the Notejoy app family, enabling you to work wherever you work, now across Web, Mac, Windows, and iPhone.

Download it now: Notejoy for Windows

Just released another round of bug fixes and improvements specifically addressing your feedback:
  • Fixed an occasional mobile bug that prevented login
  • Improved Notejoy's font and emoji rendering on Windows browsers
  • Stopped recording a note view when a stale note automatically refreshes
  • Stopped comment box from incorrectly wrapping to next line when browser at 90% zoom level
  • Added an error message when you try to upload file types other than Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets from Google Drive
  • Fixed bug that occasionally prevented you from uploading a new profile image
  • Changed iOS app login page to use light theme for iOS status bar
  • Fixed bug preventing you from creating a note in a notebook with only one note which is also pinned
  • Fixed uploaded documents not viewing correctly when document filename contained reserved url characters
Notejoy now makes it easier than ever to bring your existing documents over to Notejoy with it's latest Import Documents functionality. Import Documents allows you to import a set of documents in bulk, create individual notes for each document with the document attached.

This works great for uploading Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDFs. It also allows you to easily attach any Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, not to mention allowing you to upload and store really any file type at all.

To get started, click the Add Note drop-down and select Import Documents. Then either drag files in or click the Google Drive icon to pick from Google.

In addition to uploading documents, you can now easily attach Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to a note. When you do so, you'll get a fully-functional full-screen preview of the document right within Notejoy. The document and it's details (name, last updated date and by who) will automatically stay up-to-date as well.

We know that many teams rely on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to get their job done. Now Notejoy, with Google Login and Google Drive integration, makes it easier than ever to bring those documents right within Notejoy, allowing Notejoy to act as your central hub for everything related to your team's project.

To get started, just click the paperclip at the bottom of a note and select Google Drive.

We know that in every team there are a variety of document types that you use every day to collaborate and get your job done. That's why we are excited today to announce the ability to upload and store documents in Notejoy.

You can now easily upload documents into a note simply by clicking the paperclip at the bottom of note. You'll then be able to click into the document to get a fully-functional full-screen preview of the document and ultimately download the file if you need to. The full-screen document viewer works great with all Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint files) as well as PDFs. But feel free to store any file type for easy retrieval.

This is just another way that Notejoy gives you a single place to point your team to for a project, making it easier than ever to collect and collaborate on everything related to a project.

Just released a bunch of new functionality and bug fixes:
  • Links in comments are now clickable
  • You can now rename an existing team library
  • You can now leave an existing team library
  • The sharing dialog now allows you to easily add multiple email addresses separated by a comma
  • You can right-click on a notebook and copy the url to easily share it with a colleague
  • Fixed a bug where the mentions list didn't always show up when you pressed @ in a comment box
Today we've added a library overview that showcases the most popular authors and content within a library. It's a great way to quickly figure out what's trending or new within your team. You can see it whenever you click on a library from the sidebar.

We've enabled full-text search across all of the content contained within your notes to make it even easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

In addition, we support boolean operators for your more complex queries:
  • "search term" - find exact phrase match for your quoted search term
  • +search +term - ensure both terms appear in the note
  • +search -term - find notes with search but not containing term
We've redesigned the notification settings page to give you full control of exactly how you want to be notified of activity across email, desktop, and mobile.

We've added mobile push notifications to Notejoy for iPhone to help you stay in the loop on the go.

We've made it even easier to get started and come back as you can now signup and login with your existing Google or G Suite account across web, desktop, and mobile. No need to remember yet another password!

Ever struggle with stale content that is just no longer relevant?

Well today we are launching a solution: You can now archive notes to mark a note as no longer relevant. Once archived, the note is hidden but can still be found via search.

Today we're excited to launch Notejoy for iPhone, bringing Notejoy to your fingertips.

With Notejoy for iPhone, you can:
  • View, edit, and create notes
  • Like, react to, or comment on notes
  • Receive notifications on views, likes, reactions, comments, and more
  • Search and browse all personal and shared libraries
  • And so much more!

Get it now: Notejoy for iPhone
You can now pin notes in both personal and shared notebooks, so you can easily showcase and get back to the most important notes in any notebook.

Note: We've deprecated the old feature notes functionality in favor of this new experience.

We've made it even easier to stay in the loop with desktop notifications in Notejoy for Mac.

You can now easily highlight text to call it out, set quick reminders, and more.

We've re-designed the share menu to make it even easier to notify colleagues of your work.
  • @Mention: By far the easiest way to notify colleagues is to simply mention them in the note
  • Copy URL: Alternatively, simply copy a link and send it over via text, group chat, email, or any other channel
  • Manage Sharing: You can easily add colleagues to your team library here if they don't already have access
Today we're excited to announce Chatter, a unified social experience inside of Notejoy.

Chatter gives you the instant feedback you crave on your work, whether it's seeing that someone has checked out your note, left you a quick thumbs up or reaction, or participated in a threaded discussion on your work.

It's all in one place; easy, quick, and light; and with real-time notifications to ensure you are always in the know on your work.

We just introduced a brand new logo for Notejoy! Let us know what you think.

A few bug fixes and enhancements:
  1. The Add Notebook dialog now shows the library the notebook will be added in
  2. Deleting notes from search results now works
  3. Libraries now have a context menu, allowing you to share, add notebook, and delete
  4. Notejoy for Mac no longer shows an error occasionally when restarting
Notejoy has significantly improved the way it handles a lost Internet connection. It now automatically re-connects faster and more reliably than ever before.

Notejoy now automatically refreshes when you return to it, allowing you to always know that you are looking at the latest without having to manually refresh or restart. This includes libraries, notebooks, notes, the current note, notifications, and more. So you can always keep Notejoy open for quick access anytime.

Similarly, Notejoy automatically detects when a new version of the web or Mac apps are available so you can always stay up to date.
Today we launched the Recent view, allowing you to quickly get back to the notes you most recently edited. It's never been faster to resume exactly where you left off.

A few bug fixes and enhancements:
  1. The composer no longer loses it's position after copy/pasting
  2. Bullets now properly paste into Gmail
  3. Added an icon to a note to quickly jump into focus view
  4. Notifications are now disabled when in focus view to allow you to fully concentrate
  5. Notebook actions are now easily available at the top of the notes list
  6. You can now right-click a note to star / unstar
  7. You can now use the arrow keys to navigate notes
  8. Search results now show the notebook of each note
  9. When looking at search results, you can now right-click and View in Notebook
  10. The note list now automatically scrolls to the currently selected note
  11. You can now use the arrow and escape keys when navigating images in a gallery
Today we're excited to launch Notejoy for Mac, a beautifully designed standalone application for your Mac. This brings the best of Notejoy from the web right onto your desktop to drive even more productivity, performance, and simplicity.

Download it now: Notejoy for Mac

We re-designed the Notebook Overviews and Author Profiles experiences to better feature the most relevant content and make it even easier to get a quick sense of what's going on with a notebook and author.

A few bug fixes:
  1. Copying/pasting bullets no longer results in an empty bullet being pasted
  2. Extra empty lines are no longer added when you copy/paste
  3. Link tooltip now always shows up
  4. You can now properly toggle off code blocks
  5. Editor no longer scrolls to the top when you paste into it
  6. Editor no longer incorrectly shows scroll shadow on paste
Notejoy now lets you embed videos right into a note for easy playback.

Notejoy image galleries make it easier than ever to share a collection of images, resize them to exactly how you want them to appear in the composer, and enjoy a beautiful full-screen image viewer.

Notejoy now offers checklists to easily add to-do items to your existing notes or create entire to-do list notes.

We took a look at all the styles we offered and simplified them to the most essential to enable you to focus on expressing your ideas. We got rid of having to pick a font, size, color, background, and alignment. We replaced them with a few simpler styles: headers, quotes, and code blocks. And took care of the rest for you.

We also now remove extraneous styles when copying and pasting content into Notejoy. And automatically linkify your pasted links to make your life just a little easier.

We've finally implemented the #1 requested feature: multi-level bullets! You can now indent to your heart's content :) You can now also press enter on an empty bullet to quickly end them.

We added even more keyboard shortcuts so you can now apply every style in the composer without ever lifting your hand off your keyboard. Just another way we try to make you as productive as humanely possible. Just hit '?' in Notejoy to see all the available shortcuts.

With Notejoy's Focus View, you can now enjoy distraction-free note editing to help you focus on capturing your best ideas. Also really useful for presenting and sharing ideas with your team. Just click ... -> Focus from the upper-right corner of any note to try it out.

You can now easily print your notes directly from your browser's File -> Print menu or from the additional note actions menu.

To make your life easier, you no longer need to worry about remembering your Notejoy password. When you want to login, just type in your email address and press Get Login Link. Then you'll get a secure link delivered right to your inbox to allow you to quickly jump into Notejoy.

You can now set a notebook as your default notebook by right-clicking on the notebook in the sidebar and picking the Make Default menu option.

We've added a settings page to allow you to change your name, email, password, profile picture, email notifications, and more.

A few quick updates:
  1. We've upgraded our production servers to improve the overall performance of Notejoy
  2. We've added a scrollbar to the sidebar for when you have a lot of team libraries & notebooks
  3. We've added an empty notebook description so that you know it's done loading
  4. We've added Add Note to the Add Note drop-down in addition to it being the default action
  5. You can now click outside of any dialog to easily close it
  6. The shortcut for deleting a note is now # to avoid accidental deletes on backspace in composer
  7. Added a scroll shadow to the notes list and composer so you know when you've scrolled
We're excited today to launch collaborative editing in Notejoy!

This means from right within Notejoy you can:
  • Have multiple editors simultaneously editing a note with no conflicts guaranteed
  • See who is currently viewing each note in real-time
  • Track the cursors of viewers as they browse your note
Notejoy now combines the ease-of-use of a note taking application with the power of a sophisticated collaboration solution into one simple app.
We've added a feedback tab to allow you to quickly send us any thoughts right from the app! We'd love to hear from you. Suggestions, bugs, or just general impressions thus far!
Notejoy now provides real-time notifications whenever someone views, likes, or features your note in a team library. Now you'll always know when people are engaging with your notes!
Notejoy now lets you know when you are currently offline and automatically re-establishes your connection when it's back.
We've added author profiles so you can find all the most popular and recent notes from a note author in seconds. Now get a great sense of all the great work a team member is producing by browsing their author profile.
We've added notebook overviews, which provide a great summary of the authors as well as featured, most popular, and most recent notes in a notebook. Now you can quickly and easily get a sense for what's in a notebook without having to scan each and every note!
Today we launched Notejoy Team Libraries, the core of Notejoy's collaboration functionality.

A Team Library is a shared space for you to capture and share notes with your entire team. With a Team Library, you can:
  • Invite people to a team library, giving the entire team access to all your team's notes
  • Organize your notes into team notebooks, say per project or per department
  • See who has viewed and liked your notes so you always know who is engaging with your notes
We've tightened up the design of Notejoy even further to focus on your content, reduce chrome, and make the experience even more delightful.

Today we launched Notejoy Alpha!

With Notejoy Alpha, you can:
  • Add, rename, and delete notes
  • Format your notes with rich text with styling, bullets, links, images, and more
  • Organize your notes in notebooks
  • Star notes to quickly get back to your most important notes
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up navigation. Press ? to see available shortcuts