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Referral program

Get a 25% cash commission for referring new customers to Notejoy!

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How it works

Share your personal referral link with individuals, in emails, on social media, on your website, and more. When a new user signs up for Notejoy after clicking on your link, they'll be tagged as being referred by you. You'll then receive 25% of any subscription fees they pay in the first year after signup.

Eligible users

You are only eligible to receive commissions on new users that signup for Notejoy after clicking on your referral link. Commissions will be disqualified if the user or organization previously had an account with Notejoy.

Calculating commissions

You will receive a 25% commission on subscription fees from eligible users. You are eligible to receive commissions on subscription fees up until one year after an eligible user's signup date. Commissions will be paid on any plans they purchase, including Solo, Plus, and Premium plans across all users in their plan. If a user purchases an annual plan, you will receive commissions against the pro-rated amount of the subscription that falls within the one year commission window. For example, if a user purchases an annual plan 6 months after signup, you will receive your commission on the remaining six months, or on half of the annual subscription fee. Any upgrades or downgrades within the first year window will be included in your commission.

Payout method

You can choose to receive your commission as either a credit on your Notejoy account or as a PayPal payment. Payouts are made in USD.

  • Notejoy Credit - When applied to your Notejoy account as a credit, all your future subscriptions fees will first be paid from accrued credits and your credit card on file will only be charged after available credits have been exhausted.
  • PayPal - You can provide us with your PayPal email address and we will make each payment directly into that PayPal account.

Payout schedule

Payouts are paid once a quarter on the following schedule:

  • April 15 for commissions earned January 1 - March 31
  • July 15th for commissions earned April 1 - June 30
  • Oct 15th for commissions earned July 1 - September 30
  • January 15th for commissions earned Oct 1 - Dec 31

Payout minimum

There is no minimum if you receive your commission as a Notejoy credit. There is a $10 minimum to receive a PayPal payment. If the current quarterly payment is under $10, it will be rolled over for potential payout in the subsequent quarter. This will continue until you reach the $10 minimum.


Our referral program dashboard will allow you to see how many users have signed up via your referral link. You'll also be able to see how many are on a free plan versus a paid subscription. To protect user privacy, you will not see the names nor email addresses of users who have signed up via your referral link.

Website signups

The referral link will only track users who signup for Notejoy from in a web browser. If they signup for Notejoy through Notejoy's mobile or desktop apps, they will not be tagged as being referred by you.

Cookie tracking

We use cookies to track the referral and offer a 90 day cookie window, so as long as the user signs up within 90 days of clicking on your link, you will be tagged as the referrer. However, if they end up signing up for Notejoy using a different browser or after clearing their cookies, the signup will not be tagged as your referral. We use last click attribution to tag the referral, meaning if the user clicks your referral link but then clicks another user's referral link and signs up after that, the other user will get the referral.

Excluded subscriptions

Notejoy offers a substantial discount for non-profit organizations, students, and educational institutions. You will not receive commissions on any subscription that has one of these or any other discount applied.

You will also not receive a commission if you refer yourself nor for any subscriptions from organizations you are part of.

Refunds and chargebacks

If a refund is issued to a customer or a chargeback, you will not receive a commission for that payment. If the commission has already been paid, then it will be automatically deducted from your future commissions.

Logos and marketing resources

You may use any of Notejoy's official logos and marketing resources found here to promote Notejoy. You may not modify any of these resources.


We may occasionally ask to review the placements of your referral link across emails, social media, website, and more.

Relationship with Notejoy

You may not refer to yourself or your company as a partner of Notejoy. You may simply disclose that you are participating in Notejoy's referral program.

Paid advertising

While you may choose to run paid advertising to promote your campaigns, you may not run search ads on Notejoy's branded keywords, including Notejoy and all of its potential variants.

Payout discretion

We hold the right to refuse commission payouts for any reason. We may choose to do so if we deem the commissions were earned fraudulently, if the links were not manually clicked by a user, do not adhere to our terms and conditions, your campaigns convey the Notejoy brand poorly, you falsely advertise the benefits of Notejoy, you use the referral link to make your own Notejoy subscription purchase, or for any other reason.

Program changes

We may decide to make changes to the terms of our referral program at any time. These changes will take effect immediately and supersede any previous terms we have communicated. We will notify referral program participants by email when these changes occur.