Looking for the best Evernote alternative?
Notejoy is a fast and beautiful way for individuals and teams to capture, share, and organize their notes.
Unlike Evernote, Notejoy is built to be collaborative from the ground up
Goodbye sync conflicts
Notejoy has true real-time collaboration, so your team can edit at the same time, together.
Share effortlessly
Invite your teammates to your team library, where everyone has full access to all documents, in sync, in real-time.
Fast and beautiful
We've stripped away the bloat and complexity. What this means for you: a clean and productive place to work.
Notejoy is a collaboration first environment. It helps us capture ideas like an Evernote, but then brings them to life with the whole team, making sharing, co-authoring, and discussion a breeze.
Adam Gauvin
VP Product, Wikibuy
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