How The Alan Wang Realty Group Scales Their Business with Notejoy

Our team is always on the go, and Notejoy keeps us coordinated and looking good to our clients because we always have the latest information available.
Alan Wang
Founder, Alan Wang Realty

The Alan Wang Realty Group is a 10-person real estate team that is part of Keller Williams Realty, the largest real estate brokerage in the nation. The team ranks in the top 1% of real estate teams in the nation, and services one of the hottest and most competitive regions in the nation, Northern California. To achieve this momentum, the founder Alan Wang built the team to be service-obsessed, focused on providing a top-notch experience to clients rather than just making the sale.

The challenge of delivering top-notch service at scale

To deliver this quality of service, Wang quickly reached a point where the demand for business was scaling beyond his ability to personally keep up. He'd built his business and reputation on delivering a personalized, high-touch experience to help clients find and sell their homes, and as he hired additional team members, he wanted to ensure that they maintained that bar. As the company grew to nearly 100 deals a year and the breakneck pace that many houses moved, he realized he needed to find a tool that would help scale his formula for success to the rest of his team.

How Alan Wang Realty Group leverages Notejoy for delivering a consistently great customer experience

Wang turned to Notejoy as a solution to help his team deliver a great customer service experience. A key component of his formula for success is meticulously orchestrating the customer's overall journey, from when they initially express interest to closing a contract. In order to ensure a great experience, Wang has developed a series of email templates which streamline this journey. Using the templates, he can ensure not only that important details get conveyed, but also set a professional and friendly tone for the engagement.

For example, a potential buyer's first step in the journey is to get introduced and approved by a loan agent. Wang and his team members can easily tap into a Notejoy note, copy and then customize the template, and send the introduction in seconds. Leveraging these templates, his team could achieve the win-win of not only delivering a great experience, but saving a huge amount of time by avoiding one-off emails. As an additional benefit, because Notejoy supports iOS and Android, his team also has the ability to access it from wherever they are.

Leveraging Notejoy for these templates also provided Wang with the freedom to iterate on his customer-facing communications with the confidence that his team would always be sending out the latest version. Rather than having multiple versions of these communications floating around, Notejoy provides the team with a single source of truth. When he realized he needed to add additional legal language to an email template, it is a simple update to a note in Notejoy.

Another component of Alan Wang Realty's success with Notejoy has been around knowledge sharing. Wang recognized early on the challenges of keeping everyone on the team up-to-date on active listings. To address this, he leverages Notejoy as a way to keep track of the latest details for listings. When a new listing is created, the administrative assistant on the team copies over a template and provides it to the listing agent. This template includes multiple fields for the agent to fill out, including details such as a short description of the listing, a long description of the property, and frequently asked questions. The completed note becomes the baseline document for flyers, social media postings, information disclosures to other agents, and more. Anyone on the team can refer to these listing details, ask questions, and feel confident that this is the latest information available.

"Prior to Notejoy, it was a real challenge to bring someone new on to the team and get them ramped up. Everyone has their own checklist and processes," said Alan Wang, founder of Alan Wang Realty Group. "Now with Notejoy, I appreciate how everything lives in there and we have a streamlined and consistent process to get new people productive right away."

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Our team is always on the go, and Notejoy keeps us coordinated and looking good to our clients because we always have the latest information available.
Alan Wang
Founder, Alan Wang Realty
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