A fast and flexible way to organize your business

Small business software that is simple and easy to use with others, no training necessary

The ultimate tool to keep your business humming
Eliminate the endless back and forth of emails, meetings, and phone calls by getting everyone into one shared space where they can get on the same page. Notejoy is easy to use, organized and easy for your entire team to get their best work done.
  • Collaborate in real-time so there's one conversation and one version
  • Create checklists to track tasks and meeting notes
  • Share updates and resources in an easily accessible portal
Flexible workspaces for your clients and projects
Flexible team libraries allow you to set up workspaces that let you collaborate with employees, projects with customers, and any combination of team members. Invite them in, and sharing is as effortless as adding content to your shared space.
  • Team libraries of any size or mix, by company, project, external clients, and more
  • Manage permissions on who can view, comment and edit
  • Content digests help you stay on top of what's popular and being worked on
Organize your most important knowledge and information
Create and maintain a knowledge repository of your important contracts, lists, processes, and more to keep your projects moving. Share and discuss content with your team in real-time, so everyone stays up-to-date.
  • Threaded discussions and @mentions helps everyone participate
  • Embed Google Docs, Microsoft Office documents into notes to make them easy to find
  • Attach videos, rich media, PDFs and other documents so others can view and edit
Notejoy works where you work
Notejoy is available on web, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It also works with your Google or Microsoft documents and integrates with Slack and Trello.
The possibilities are endless
Our team is always on the go, and Notejoy keeps us coordinated and looking good to our clients because we always have the latest information available.
Alan Wang
Founder, Alan Wang Realty
In just a few short weeks Notejoy has been an incredible tool for increasing our efficiency and productivity. We feel much more in sync, it's just so easy for everyone to be on the same page - I can't get over how multiple people in various locations working and commenting on the same document at the same time, just works.
Ellane Weedon
Managing Co-Director, E&R Publications