Notejoy for Remote Teams

From meetings to knowledge sharing to brainstorms, Notejoy helps your remote team stay connected.

Ensure everyone is heard, even if they're around the globe
While chat scrolls by and emails get lost, with Notejoy everyone can participate.
  • See who's viewed your notes show who's had a chance to weigh in
  • Threaded discussions and @mentions enable everyone to participate
  • React with emoji to give and get feedback
Create focused workspaces for teams and projects
Flexible enough to work with teams of all types, from external clients to project teams to the entire company.
  • Team libraries of any size or mix, by company, project, client, and more
  • Manage permissions on who can view, comment and edit
  • Personal libraries give you space to be productive and creative
Organized and searchable so you can stay on top of your work
Notejoy is inherently collaborative, easily organizable and instantly searchable.
  • Powerful search with previews and snippets to find what you need
  • Pin important notes that you want everyone to see
  • Archive notes to declutter your space, so they are hidden but still searchable
Plays nice with your favorite tools
See Notejoy in action