About Notejoy

Notejoy was born out of Sachin and Ada’s combined 20 years of observing collaboration in organizations large and small. As leaders at SurveyMonkey and LinkedIn, they experienced first-hand the inefficiency and cost of ineffective team collaboration and set out to find a better way. They believe the collaboration tools commonly used in organizations are the biggest inhibitors to success, resulting in significant friction in capturing and sharing ideas, not supporting typical collaboration workflows, and making it near impossible to discover institutional knowledge that might help you be more successful in your role.

With Notejoy, they set out to create a new way to unlock an organization’s full potential. Notejoy is a better way to capture, share, and discover ideas throughout an organization, leveraging learnings from the very best of modern consumer & social apps.

Learn more about our vision in our launch blog post.

Meet the founders

Sachin Rekhi
Founder & CEO
Prior to Notejoy, Sachin was Head of Product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a social selling tool he incubated and grew to $200M+ revenue. He joined LinkedIn as part of the acquisition of his relationship management startup, Connected, which he also founded with Ada.
Ada Chen Rekhi
Founder & COO
Prior to Notejoy, Ada was Senior Vice President of Marketing at SurveyMonkey, the world’s #1 survey platform. She previously led product marketing for a variety of products at LinkedIn, including Sales Navigator, Growth, Connected, and more.