Your team knowledge in one organized, searchable place

Notejoy helps support teams stay in sync on the latest updates and knowledge, in one focused place

How Notejoy keeps your support team in sync
From product updates to company news to trainings, it's important for support teams to stay in sync to deliver great customer experience. Great communication is key to this, but it can be a challenge to stay on top of the latest knowledge when everything is constantly changing. Notejoy helps put the knowledge your team needs at their fingertips, accessible when they really need it.
Notejoy can help you capture content you need to be successful, including feature requests, customer feedback, bug reports, product updates, messaging templates, and more! Capture these nuggets of knowledge into one organized, searchable place so everyone in the team can leverage knowledge when they need it. Notejoy even integrates with some of your favorite tools like G Suite, Slack and Trello so your team can keep humming on driving customer happiness.
Up-to-date and organized knowledge
Flexible organization to address the incidents, issues, and product changes that happen all the time
  • Team libraries of any size or mix, by company, project, client, and more
  • Manage permissions on who can view, comment and edit
  • Personal libraries give you space to be productive and creative
Ensure everyone is aligned, even if they're around the globe
Your team's collective knowledge and updates in one organized, synced place
  • Real-time collaboration ensures you're always in sync
  • See who's viewed your notes show who's had a chance to weigh in
  • Threaded discussions and @mentions enable everyone to participate
  • React with emoji to give and get feedback
Share important knowledge, without the noise of chat and email
Find what you need, when you need it with powerful search and intuitive organization
  • Pin important notes you want everyone to see
  • See popular notes so you don't miss a beat
  • Powerful search with previews and snippets to find what you need
  • Archive notes to declutter your space, so they are hidden but still searchable
Plays nice with your favorite tools
We work where you work. Notejoy is available on web, PC, Mac, and iOS. It also works with your Google or Microsoft documents and integrates with Slack and Trello.