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Sharing permissions

When sharing a team library, Notejoy allows you to specify what level of access each team member will have.

Often you'll want all team members to equally contribute to a team library. But on occasion, you might find you want a small group of collaborators editing notes while the rest of the team is simply viewing or commenting. This can be helpful for sharing HR policies, onboarding materials, corporate communications, and more.

Notejoy supports the following permissions:

  • Is admin - Full access to the team library, including renaming & deleting it
  • Can edit - Can create, edit, delete, organize notes, invite users, and more
  • Can comment* - Can only comment on existing notes
  • Can view* - Can only view existing notes

*Assigning Can comment or Can view requires the Notejoy Plus or Premium plan

By default, the creator of a library becomes the initial admin. They can then invite additional admins to help manage the team library if they choose.

A user's permission can be changed at any time from the library sharing dialog. Just select the drop-down to the right of a team member's name and choose the new desired permission.

Users can also request a higher permission when they are trying to complete an action for which they need additional permission. They'll be given an option to request permission from the library's admins and the admins will receive an email to approve the request.

Sharing permissions can be used alongside domain sharing so that you can easily give everyone on your domain, say, Can comment permission and then give a small group of people Can edit permission.

The following details all of the privileges of each permission:

Is admin
  • Rename library
  • Archive library
  • Delete library
  • Add / remove admins
  • Enable / disable / configure domain sharing
  • Delete any note comment
  • Export notes
  • Restrict library invites to being sent / removed / role changed only by admins
  • Remove a note password
Can edit
  • Add / edit / re-title / delete notes
  • Manage note authors
  • Import documents
  • Duplicate notes
  • Move notes
  • Sort notes
  • Pin notes
  • Archive notes
  • Add / rename / delete notebooks
  • Move / re-order notebooks
  • Archive notebooks
  • Archive any comments
  • Invite users to library
  • Change role of user (up to can edit)
  • Set / remove note password
  • Remove users from library
  • Grab Slack messages
  • Configure Slack activity updates
Can comment
  • Create comments / create highlight comments / @mention in comments / reply to comment threads
  • Edit / delete / archive your own comments
  • Like comments
  • Add reactions
  • Remove your own reactions
Can view
  • View notes
  • View comments, reactions, note views
  • Search notes
  • View libraries, notebooks
  • View library members
  • Post to Slack
  • Print notes

Note: Each higher permission includes all the privileges of all the lower permissions.

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