Release Roundup - August 3, 2018

Today's release is chock-full of enhancements and bug fixes to make your Notejoy experience just a tad bit smoother:

  • We now allow you to request access when you try to view a library or notebook you don't have access to, just like we already do for notes
  • We prevent Google Chrome from offering to translate Notejoy notes, which could inadvertently cause the note to be replaced with the translated version
  • We now default to the Recent view after a variety of canceled actions, like canceling search or after trying to to view notes, notebooks, or libraries you don't have access to
  • We prevent you from leaving a team library where you are the only admin. You can either add another admin or delete the library instead.
  • After updating your credit card on file, we ensure the last 4 digits of the new card are immediately shown so you know the update went through