Search: Way Faster & Better

We just launched a major upgrade to our search experience to make search queries much faster! We're seeing over a magnitude improvement in performance on most queries, helping you get to your most relevant notes quicker than ever.

We took this opportunity to not just increase the performance of search, but introduce a bunch of additional search goodies:

  • Search snippets - The notes list now shows a snippet of where your query shows up within the note, giving you additional context on whether this note is what you're looking for
  • Fuzzy matching - We'll now show you plural versions of your query, misspellings, and other closely related terms
  • Exact match - If you want to find an exact phrase within a note, just put it in quotes "like this" and we'll only show you notes that match the full phrase
  • Search filenames - If your query is found in the filename of an attached image or document, we'll show it in your search results and even point it out in the search snippet
  • Improved relevance - We've upgraded our relevance algorithms so you should see higher quality results overall

Search is critical to making Notejoy the best place to capture, share, and discover your and your team's most important ideas, so expect us to continue to invest in making Notejoy's search experience best-in-class.