Improved Invite Signup Flow

We've made a bunch of improvements to the user experience when a user clicks on a note, notebook, or library link and doesn't currently have a Notejoy account.

The user will now experience the following:

  • The user will see a quick teaser page with the name of the note/notebook/library they are trying to view and a prompt to signup with their email to view it
  • If they click the already have an account button, it'll allow them to login and then take them directly to what they were trying to view
  • If they go through the signup process, at the end of the signup process it'll directly take them to what they were trying to view
  • If they don't have access, it'll show them a Request Access toast notification where they can request access from the library admins

This enables a far more seamless workflow if you simply share a link with a colleague on email or Slack.