Search Relevance Improvements

As your libraries have grown to hundreds if not thousands of notes, you've told us that you'd love for Notejoy's search to help you better find exactly what you are hunting for. So today we've made a variety of improvements to the way Notejoy's search works to help you more quickly find exactly what you might be looking for. We've accomplished this by implementing a series of tweaks to our search algorithm.

Here are just a few of those improvements that you may notice:

  • When you put your search query "in quotes", we'll ensure that we only show you search results that have an exact phrase match to your term in quotes. You can do this for a single word or phrases.
  • We now rank all exact matches ahead of fuzzy matches in results
  • We now only run a fuzzy search when your query is greater than 4 characters long
  • We limit fuzzy search to require the first character of your search term to always match exactly