Notejoy for Android v2.3

Today we are excited to launch Notejoy for Android v2.3, jam-packed with new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

New features

We've brought many of our recent web & desktop features to mobile, including nested notebooks, nested tags, hidden sidebar items, hidden libraries, and more. The Notejoy sidebar should now look exactly the same across our web, mobile, and desktop apps.

We've added dark mode, giving you a beautiful way to reduce eye strain, save battery, and sleep better.

When adding an image to a note, we now allow you to directly take a photo from your camera.

We allow you to send a note as an email directly from the app.

We've removed your profile image from Recent, Starred, Search, and Trash views if you haven't created any team libraries.

In terms of the editor, we've added syntax highlighting as well as H3 to the styling bar.

We've now added support for two-factor authentication (2FA).

Performance enhancements

  • We've improved the app load time
  • We made scrolling in all list views faster and smoother
  • We locally store the sidebar and Recent view to speed up immediately seeing notes and navigation on app load

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the sidebar inadvertently opening after uploading an image
  • We've improved the cursor positioning when you initially tap into a note to edit it. It no longer needlessly jumps around.
  • Pasting into a note also now preserves your cursor position
  • Fixed styles not being properly activated in the styling bar
  • Clicking on a link to a Notejoy marketing page will now open up in your browser instead of the Notejoy app
  • Fixed notebook deep links not working when you are currently viewing a note

Your app should automatically update soon if it hasn't already. Or you can get the latest immediately from the Play Store.