Release Roundup - Dec 22, 2016
A few bug fixes and enhancements:
  1. The composer no longer loses it's position after copy/pasting
  2. Bullets now properly paste into Gmail
  3. Added an icon to a note to quickly jump into focus view
  4. Notifications are now disabled when in focus view to allow you to fully concentrate
  5. Notebook actions are now easily available at the top of the notes list
  6. You can now right-click a note to star / unstar
  7. You can now use the arrow keys to navigate notes
  8. Search results now show the notebook of each note
  9. When looking at search results, you can now right-click and View in Notebook
  10. The note list now automatically scrolls to the currently selected note
  11. You can now use the arrow and escape keys when navigating images in a gallery