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Organizing & Finding Notes


Search is at the heart of finding information in Notejoy. Type in your search term and you’ll get lightning fast search results, complete with a preview pane to quickly scroll through results and your search term highlighted throughout each note.

Compare this to your prior search experience in say Google Docs. You type your search team, see a list of document titles, start slowly loading each of the documents in separate tabs. And even when you get into the doc, your search term isn’t highlighted. It’s no wonder that people rarely attempt to use Google Docs to search for anything other than the documents they already know exist. In contrast, our users have called searching in Notejoy “a real pleasure.”

Search across personal & team libraries

Notejoy's search performs a full-text search across all of the personal and team libraries you have access to. This enables you to very quickly find exactly what you are looking for, regardless of where the note lives.

Additional search features

  • Search snippets - The notes list shows a snippet of where your query shows up within the note, giving you additional context on whether this note is what you're looking for
  • Fuzzy matching - We'll show you plural versions of your query, misspellings, and other closely related terms
  • Search filenames - If your query is found in the filename of an attached image or document, we'll show it in your search results and point it out in the search snippet

Query options

In addition to simply searching for a set of keywords, Notejoy supports a few query options:

  • "search term" - find exact phrase match for your quoted search term
  • #tag - find notes that contain this tag in it's note title or body