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Import from Apple Notes

Notejoy makes it easy to import all of your existing notes from Apple Notes, including formatting and images.

To import from Apple Notes:

  • Ensure you have Notejoy for Mac v1.11.0 or higher. Click the Notejoy -> About Notejoy menu to check your version. If you need to update, just restart the Mac app and wait to be prompted. Or you can download Notejoy for Mac here.
  • Select Import Notes from the user menu in the bottom-left corner
  • Select the target notebook for the import by clicking the notebook name in the header
  • Click the Apple Notes tab
  • Click Start Apple Notes import
  • Grant Notejoy access to Apple Notes in the resulting prompt

Apple Notes does not provide folder information, so all your notes will be imported into a single notebook. However, you can easily select multiple notes at once and drag them into a notebook to re-create your Apple Notes folder structure as notebooks in Notejoy.