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Upload documents

We know that in every team there are a variety of document types that you use every day to collaborate and get your job done. That's why we offer the ability to upload and store documents in Notejoy.

You can easily upload documents into a note simply by clicking the paperclip at the bottom of note. Or just by dragging & dropping the document on top of the note editor. You'll then be able to click into the document to get a fully-functional full-screen preview of the document and ultimately download the file if you need to. The full-screen document viewer works great with all Microsoft Office documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint files) as well as PDF files. But feel free to store any file type for easy retrieval.

To move a document around, just hover over it and click the cut action to move it to your clipboard. Then paste it wherever you like with Cmd+V/Ctrl+V or the paste menu option.

This is just another way that Notejoy gives you a single place to point your team to for a project, making it easier than ever to collect and collaborate on everything related to a project.