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Gmail integration

The Gmail integration brings together the world's most popular email provider with Notejoy's fantastic notes app. With the Gmail integration, it's never been easier to save your most important emails directly to Notejoy. We've made it incredibly quick to save reference emails, convert conversations into notes, and so much more.

Once installed, you'll see Notejoy appear in your Gmail applications sidebar. Anytime you want to save an email, just click the Notejoy icon and click Save as Note. It's as easy as that!

We give you the option to customize the note title, decide what notebook you want to save the email to, and whether to include the email's quoted text in the note. You can also add tags just by inserting #hashtags in the note title.

The Gmail integration also automatically saves all of the email's attached images & documents to your note. You can optionally customize which attachments to save if you like.

Feel free to install the Gmail integration across multiple Gmail accounts if you'd like.

To get started Install Notejoy for Gmail.