Using Notejoy for Stand Up Meetings

Many teams find Notejoy to be an invaluable tool for running their daily stand up meetings due to its real-time collaboration features and quick ease of use.

Keep your stand ups fast and lightweight with Notejoy

While the goal of daily scrum or stand up meetings is to be quick and to the point, many teams struggle with running an effective 10-15 minute meeting. The goal of the daily stand up is to enable small teams to quickly sync up on three key questions: what they did yesterday, what they plan to do today, and any obstacles blocking them.

A formal set of meeting minutes capturing who was there and everything that is said is the opposite of the spirit of the stand up meeting. They are intended to be efficient and informal, and it's important to be mindful of how you're structuring and running these meetings to make sure you're getting the most out of them - see some of our tips here.

Three strategies for using Notejoy for your Stand Up Meetings

Make everyone accountable for their own work

Many teams find it helpful to create a new note for each day, and send out a link to the note or notebook in advance of the meeting. That way, each participant can quickly fill out their portion and be accountable for their own work rather than having a designated notetaker. Leveraging Notejoy's effortless real-time collaboration, you can easily project it on a screen or have everyone editing on their laptops on the same note in real-time together.

Keep it lightweight and routine

Rather than having a complicated set of meeting minutes, stand up meetings are meant to be short and to the point. By keeping the format as a meeting with an informal and lightweight note-taking application like Notejoy, your team can keep track of the details without a heavyweight process.

Integrate it into your workflow

Notejoy integrates beautifully with Slack, Trello, and other tools so it's easy for you to easily incorporate it into your team's day to day workflow. Not only does it make it easy for them to update and fill out, but also improves the findability of the details later when you need them.

Leveraging Notejoy for stand up meetings

Notejoy makes it fast and easy to get work done for teams to stay organized and focused on the task at hand.

With Notejoy, you can easily capture your most important information and action items, without the friction of heavyweight tool. From there, it's easy to share this with others to start a collaborative discussion, or save them somewhere where it will be easy to reference in the future. Bring your team together with the Notejoy Slack integration, or clip articles into notes for discussion or reference with the Notejoy web clipper. It's easy to incorporate tags for reference, project management, workflow management, and more.

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