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Web clipper launched
Votes: Jakob, Nigel, Christopher, Walt, Adam, Michael, Karan, Barry, Al, Eric, Shagun, Jenny, Pratheep, Joe, Victor, OP003, Philippe, Jose, Peter, Huey, Karl, a, Attila, Wes, Bei, Dennis, Chris, Brian, Moe, Y J, Muhamad, Gyarmati, Dennis, Nicolas, Sasha, Julio, Tom, David, Rajesh, Palawin, Michael, Cathal, Мебели Вега, Muhammad, Jan, A, Jinu, Kevin, Sajith, Shorel ...
Allow me to easily clip web pages from my web browser and save it to Notejoy. Let me do the same thing on mobile through share sheet integration.
The web clipper has reached 1.0! We've added support for Mozilla Firefox as well as added the ability to clip images, PDFs, and videos. More details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Will we get the option to clip a section of the page? Some pages are messier than others
Kimberley, 2 years ago
@Sachin - Yes, adding to the note body would be preferable. Personally, I don't really like adding tags to the title as it gets visually cluttered (especially if adding more than 1 tag to a note). And I would vote to have the tags inserted at the top of the note either a line before or after the URL, rather than the end.
Brad, 2 years ago
@Brad - So if add #tags to the title when you clip, then the tag will be applied today! But I'm guessing you are looking for a way to add the tag to the note body?
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
+1 for integrating tags (which are now available and fantastic!) into the web clipper
Brad, 2 years ago
Just tried the clipper for Chrome. Works pretty well - I'm impressed!

I've been grudgingly holding onto Evernote (I hate their HTML editor cuz things always break) so the clipper seems like a very promising viable alternative!

If I could ask for more features to the clipper
- extract source URL as a note attribute, similar to the way Evernote handles it. I know the URL is already embedded into the note body, but I'd like it to be a bit more structured, please.
- +1 to @Sachin's idea to offer a full-page screenshot (either as image or PDF - i.e. option 3 or 4 are both good for me). I love the Simplified style and I think I'd use it the most often, but there are times when a screenshot is useful.
- offer a tags field at the clipping stage. I also like the way Evernote provides a preview/autofill option for tags at the point of clipping.
Mia, 2 years ago
@sachin - the beta IS coming along nicely.
Thomas, 2 years ago
+1 for partial clips
Brad, 2 years ago
Don't know if this was suggested yet but would be nice to do partial clips.
Example: I want to save just a paragraph from a page. I would select it, right click, and click on notejoy clipper to clip that paragraph. I tried and didn't work so I guess you are on it. Thanks. Antonio
António, 2 years ago
Awesome guys! Works perfectly!

Thank you for continuously improving the user-experience!
Edin, 2 years ago
The Notejoy Web Clipper Beta is now available! Install it on Chrome here. (Coming soon for other browsers)
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Excited to have it!
K, 2 years ago
1 plus a fully searchable version. No matter if 2 or 4
Bernhard, 2 years ago
I've been sitting on my AppSumo deal deciding if I should refund. The web clipper will seal the deal for me. It is the missing ingredient for making Notejoy a legitimate competitor and permanent part of my workflow. It's a race to see who gets a clipper first, Notion or Notejoy.
Justin, 2 years ago
@Brad: The web clipper will be available in the free version as well, obviously subject to the free plan's storage limit.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
This could be enough to bring me over from Evernote. Looking good so far. Will this be available in the single person (free) version? Or will it be restricted to paid subscriptions? I'm still evaluating options, and not yet ready to go paid.
Brad, 2 years ago
Awesome to see it @sachin,
I believe we would also be able to selectively clip part of text/image of webpage to our notejoy libraries.
Rishiraj, 2 years ago
The Notejoy Web Clipper is coming along quite nicely! :)

Sachin, 2 years ago admin
+1 to SELECT PARTS (text/images) of a webpage, then RIGHT CLICK and copy TEXT and IMAGES in NoteJoy simplified format into a NEW or EXISTING NOTE
Roderick, 2 years ago
+1 for similar functionality to Evernote at least have a browser extension to send to Notejoy....
Eric, 2 years ago
It would be nice if like Evernote and OneNote and the Share Function in MacOS, NoteJoy can capture information from a Webpage and send it to NoteJoy via a browser extension. The information that can be captured includes the contents of the webpage, a screen capture of the webpage, PDFs from the webpage, etc.
Romeo, 2 years ago
Making a library of Bookmarks
Gaurab, 2 years ago
+1 on matching Evernote’s web clipping abilities.
Neil, 2 years ago
All four to keep pace with Evernote, the gold standard for clipped info. Other great clipper examples are:
Milanote - super fast and clipped to a holding area in the app - best in class sorting options
Stash - great AI clipping
Justin, 2 years ago
Best Option: same as evernote
Chris, 2 years ago
Option 2 with link.
Kimberley, 2 years ago
I would love to have the choice of saving snippets as #2 (clip all **or part** of a web page to a simplified note with a hyperlink to the original source) or pages as #4 (note with embedded pdf of the original page). I would use #2 much more often. It would be even more useful if I could specify to save a snippet to an existing note. This would allow collecting information on the same topic from different sources into the same note.
Liesette, 2 years ago
vote this
Anjrah, 2 years ago
This is essential in order to be a full replacement for OneNote and Evernote.

I would say 2 (which should also include a link), and 1 (which is a 'bookmark'). 3 & 4 are OK; I would prefer a PDF over a picture.
Pamela, 2 years ago
YES PLEASE!!! 2, 4, 3, 1
Stefan, 2 years ago
I like 2, 4, 1, 3
Jerry, 2 years ago
Two things:

1. I’d like to save articles I like into notejoy and read them later with simplyfied formatting.

2. I want to create a sales letter swipe file library with the original formatting intact, so having them in PDFs that are zoomable would be best.

So option 2) and 3) would be best for me!
Edin, 2 years ago
In the order of importance:

Ed, 2 years ago
Looking at what Evernote does would be great. We can clip an entire page or just the highlighted part. It saves a complete copy of the HTML so that all links still work etc along with a link to the original source.

If that's not possible in the short term then my order of preference would be (2 + 1), 4. I'm not actually a fan of 3 as it will use a lot of storage and the copied content is still inaccessible (can't click links, copy and paste text etc).

Storing a full HTML copy of the copied content would be best and gives the most flexibility.
Phill, 2 years ago
Hi Sachin!
I believe a combination of 1 and 2 would fit my needs. However, it would be even better if the web clipper would allow me to select only a piece of the web page (which would then be treated as suggested in option 2), whereas option 1 would act as a reference to the source. Number 4 would be a good alternative to option 2 (could we actually have the choice between the two?) but I do not see much use of option 3.
Alain, 2 years ago
Copy the content of the page into a Notejoy note, reformatted to Notejoy's simplified styes with a link to that document for easiness. so if one wana go to that page. he/she will simple click on the link and boom.. also if you can add another option also. these all are the necessory one.
Muhammad, 2 years ago
We are thinking about representing a clipped page in Notejoy in the following ways:

1) As a clickable link preview that shows you the page's current title, image, description, and url
2) Copy the content of the page into a Notejoy note, reformatted to Notejoy's simplified styles
3) Take a long web page screenshot and include as an image in Notejoy with the ability to zoom
4) Convert the web page into a PDF that's embedded in the note

Which of these ways would you like to see Notejoy represent clipped pages?
Sachin, 2 years ago admin