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Voice note recording
Votes: Florian, Taylor, Holger , Robert, Paphunkkorn, K, AJ, Brian, Saad, António, Don, End Alzheimer's, Au, Len, Silvia, Richard, Pamela, Romeo, Joseph, Amy, Kate, Gerard, James, Alexandro, Daniel, Steve, Kay, Kimberley , Fred, Santiago, Ellane, SARAI, Abby, Zac, Nish, Joerg, David, Martine, Jovhanna, A, David, Stitch, Mya, Steven, test, Marco, Nelson, Flavio, Nordine, Angie ...
a tab or button in order to add a voice note quickly - both on desktop and (especially) mobile version
This plus the Apple pen integration would mean making notes was soooo easy.
Kimberley , 1 year ago