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Voice note recording
Votes: Florian, Taylor, Holger, Robert, Paphunkkorn, K, AJ, Brian, Saad, António, Don, End Alzheimer's, Au, Len, Silvia, Richard, Pamela, Romeo, Joseph, Amy, Kate, Gerard, James, Alexandro, Daniel, Steve, Kay, Kimberley, Fred, Santiago, Ellane, SARAI, Abby, Zac, Nish, Joerg, David, Martine, Jovhannah, A, David, Stitch, Mya, Steven, test, Marco, Nelson, Flavio, Nordine, Angie ...
a tab or button in order to add a voice note quickly - both on desktop and (especially) mobile version
This plus the Apple pen integration would mean making notes was soooo easy.
Kimberley, 2 years ago