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Feature Requests / Desktop app: Toggle spell checker language
Desktop app: Toggle spell checker language launched
Votes: Donald, Sebastian, Karl, Taba, Jan, Dennis, Rene, Dennis, Timo, Roberto, Jan, Paul, Alain, Paphunkkorn, Saad, Thomas, Manuel, Niko, Joshua, K, Martin, Chris, Bruno
The desktop app automatically detects the language to apply to the spell checker. But sometimes it gets it wrong. So would be great to allow me to toggle the spell checker language.
This is now live in Notejoy for Mac and Windows v1.5! Details here.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin
Same here, it's basically unusable when it detects the wrong language because when you switch between notes, even moderate amount of text will freeze the browser/app completely for several second.
Thomas, 2 years ago
Agreed. I understand Notejoy is using the system or browser default language to instruct the spell-checker. However, I am one of these users conversing in many languages during the day. My computer is set to English but I write a lot in French, some in Spanish and even occasionally in Chinese! Except for the later, in which I am not fluent anyway, I would love Notejoy to gratify me with recognizing the language I am struggling to write in instead of highlighting almost every word as a mistake. ;-)
Alain, 2 years ago