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Feature Requests / Simplify linking between notes
Simplify linking between notes launched
Votes: Karthik, Elie, Deepa, Luca, Sam, Samvedana, Karan, Jason, Jose, Nolboo, Julia, Boris, Al, Shagun, Jenny, Ian, Robert, Chris, Philippe, Bilal, Marty, Alyssa, Justin, Michael, Neeraj, Attila, Adam, Perth, Tan, Rene, Y J, Wes, Q, Mark, Gyarmati, Rajesh, Muhamad, Muhammad, A, Moe, Michael, Kevin, Doug, Andrew, Rupert, Xichy, Timo, Chuck, Roberto, K ...
Right now I can link between notes by copy/pasting a note url into the link style, which works fine.

But it'd be even easier if I could just select the link style and right from there search for a Notejoy note to link.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin