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Feature Requests / Simplify linking between notes
Simplify linking between notes planned
Votes: Karthik, Elie, Deepa, Luca, Sam, Samvedana, Karan, Jason, Jose, Nolboo, Julia, Boris, Al, Shagun, Jenny, Ian, Robert, Chris, Philippe, Bilal, Marty, Alyssa, Justin, Michael, Neeraj, Attila, Adam, Perth, Tan, Rene, Y J, Wes, Q, Mark, Gyarmati, Rajesh, Muhamad, Muhammad, A, Moe, Michael, Kevin, Doug, Andrew, Rupert, Xichy, Timo, Chuck, Roberto, K ...
Right now I can link between notes by copy/pasting a note url into the link style, which works fine.

But it'd be even easier if I could just select the link style and right from there search for a Notejoy note to link.
I am waiting for this enhancement before migrating from Evernote. Note linking for me is critical. Hope this gets done soon.
RO, 5 days ago
Yep, this is the killer feature from Roam that I want most.
Chris, 7 months ago
This is the feature that is making everyone so excited about other apps like Roam, Remnote, and Obsidian. It would be a great addition.
Bob, 8 months ago
It would be nice if we could just click a link to navigate to the other note, instead for requiring a second click. Also right-click/"open in a new window" would be great.
Prokopis, 1 year ago
Definitely need easy linking within the desktop app. I like the @ suggestion though a link it also fine, as long as it opens up in the desktop app and not in a browser
Chris, 2 years ago
Plus one for the wiki syntax. Ideally if no note with that name is found in the character search as you type, create an empty note with that name and link to it. Have to consider the note templating feature there, but that's handleable by presenting a clickable symbol on the link in the editor allowing the selection of a template. Or just take the wiki approach of allowing creation/template-selection when first clicking on the link.
James, 2 years ago
To put some icing on the cake: Make the note-links dynamic so that when we update the note title, the link in other notes is updated with the new title as well.
Yannick, 2 years ago
Agree with Philippe down there!
Alain, 2 years ago
i would live if i add @ and than type the title of any post and that link to the new one.
Muhammad, 2 years ago
Bear does this well (albeit differently to the above options). Just type [[ and the first few letters and it will provide a list of alternative notes based on the title. This is a similar approach to a wiki.
Darryl, 2 years ago
I LOVE the way note linking works in Asana. It also uses the @note title model. This makes is SO easy to reference notes from other notes and jump from project to project and back in just a few clicks.
Michael, 2 years ago
Additionnaly, Having internal link by URL scheme (like notejoy:///) for the desktop app would be fantastic, so we can stay in the app and open it from other local apps. It would have to be transformed as standard URL on the web version.
Philippe, 2 years ago