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Feature Requests / Search within note
Search within note launched
Votes: Moe, Silvia, Timo, Mark, Romeo, Palawin, Bluestone, K, Max, Miguel, Miguel, Neeraj, Mike, Marc, Paresh, Kay, Muhamad, Jason, Stephen, Brian, Tony, Saad, Rizki, Stefan, Don, End Alzheimer's, Au, Silvia, Eric, Chris, George, Nish, Joseph, Amy, Joshua, Michael, Ellane, Michael, Abby, Max, Martine, Brontee, Mya, David, Chenran, Frank, Esther, BILL, Jeremy, Neil ...
Being able to search within a specific open note for a keyword. Currently only search available is across all notes.
Searching within a note is now possible on web/desktop. Details here.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin