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Search within note launched
Votes: Moe, Silvia, Timo, Mark, Romeo, Palawin, Bluestone, K, Max, Miguel, Miguel, Neeraj, Mike, Marc, Paresh, Kay, Muhamad, Jason, Stephen, Brian, Tony, Saad, Rizki, Stefan, Don, End Alzheimer's, Au, Silvia, Eric, Chris, Gtin, Nish, Joseph, Amy, Joshua, Michael, Ellane, Michael, Abby, Max, Martine, Brontee, Mya, David, Chenran, Frank, Esther, BILL, Jeremy, Neil ...
Being able to search within a specific open note for a keyword. Currently only search available is across all notes.
Searching within a note is now possible on web/desktop. Details here.
Sachin, 3 months ago admin
Yes, this! Once we go into a note we lose the search magnifying glass on our mobile app, and there is no search option in the ... menu as is the case with our Evernote app.. so far the only major fatal flaw in an otherwise good product.
Michael, 2 years ago
Thank you for submitting this! This is exactly what we propose as well.

In the Mobile App – a swipe-to-open search box (swipe left from right side of screen) would be a life saver for us!

And in Desktop/Laptop – a search icon next to star/magnify that opens a box to [Display in-Note Search Box]
Jason, 2 years ago