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Feature Requests / Search: Partial keyword match
Search: Partial keyword match launched
Votes: Prima, Miguel, Miguel, Taylor, Len, K, Gerold, Josef, Alexandro, Kay, Romeo, Marc, BILL, Muhamad, Jeremy, Nordine, JR, Rizki, Jack, First, Miranda, Ann, Simo
Allow search to match partial keywords. Today search only matches a full keyword. This helps find notes with typos, different tenses, etc.

Example: a search for "request" should return "requested"
You can now run a partial keyword search by including a * at the end of your keyword, like partia*. More details here.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin
We've improved search to support fuzzy matching to accomplish the scenario mentioned (including requested when searching for request). However, we have not yet implemented full partial keyword match search since it both decreases performance and often includes a lot of non-relevant search results.
Sachin, 4 years ago admin