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Offline planned
Votes: Adam, Bill, Kristen, Ablorde, F, Julie, Derk Jan, Blake, Yi, Samvedana, Daniel, Jason, Leonardo, Al, Christopher, Jose, Daniel, Radhika, Nithin, Julia, Karan, Irshad, Rahul, Florina, Levi, Omar, Kevin, Nancy, Shagun, Jenny, Danny, Jamie, Ian, Robert, Zac, Pratheep, Oliver, Mary, Nigel, Mike, Ketan, Joe, Shekhar, Moshen, Chris, Sidnei, Philippe, Jakub, Jaime, Deluxious ...
Let me author and view notes when I'm offline or have poor internet connectively. Super useful for plane flights, commuting, etc.
Definite yes!
Adam, 5 months ago
This is something that should be there from day one, having this at the earliest would be better
Zia ul, 5 months ago
Yes please!
Norbert, 4 months ago
this is some thing that should be avalible from day 1st..
Muhammad, 4 months ago
For me offline is not as important as some other requests, but because it is planned anyway, here are some thoughts.

I can see two possible approaches here. First: everything from your account is automatically mirrored in your device. This is probably what the author of the request wants...? (Basically, you use Notejoy over internet, but if you happen to be offline, you can magically still work with everything). Big plus with this is that it solves the problem that you are often offline in the worst time and when you don't expect it, but it has some bad sides - right now I can think of:

- it takes space on your device - that is not problem if you have small library, but Notejoy is built to have many notebooks shared with loads of people where you can attach whatever you want to the notes. If you will use it a lot in the way how is it meant, you will soon have tens or hundreds of GB of your data and I personally would not want this to eat space on my devices.

- synchronization transfers - again not a problem if you share one shopping list with your darling, but for people who collaborate with lots of files, it would mean constant synchronization as others would upload and change stuff in the notes. Not a problem if you sit in office on your optical line, but if you travel a lot, your cellular data plan would be sucked out in a blink, not to mention impact on your battery.

- synchronization conflicts - you go offline for few hours, you edit some shared notes, you go online. While you were offline, other people who share the notes with you edited them too in ways that overlap with what you did - now you have conflicts and the notes cannot be synchronized automatically, because Notejoy cannot decide which change should stay. This can be partially solved: in a lazy way - app says that there are two versions and you (or someone else) have to choose which one to keep (so you basically destroy the work of you or the other people who worked on it), or in way more time consuming for you: the app shows list of all changes and you have to approve them one after one.

Because of these reasons, if the offline mode is planned be solved by full mirroring, I would really want it to be optional (some switch in Settings, or even better as an option for each library, folder and note, so you would be able to set exactly what should be available offline and what not).

The second approach of offline is much easier to implement (so it can be done way faster - you have to consider that current apps are probably mostly wrapper for the website), but it does not contain that "if I go offline, I have still everything available". The idea is to add to the account another library called for example "Offline", which would store data files in some folder in your device and not on Notejoy's server. While online, you would be able to freely move notes (or whole folders) between this offline library and other libraries on the server (so if you would know you will travel several hours in plane, you would be able to "download" this way notes for offline work, and after the flight you would be able to return the notes to the original server libraries). When offline, the app would show only this offline library, but you would be able to work in it like in regular libraries - create new notes, edit existing, attach files etc.

This approach of offline can actually solve another request, which is library archiving (meant in your computer). You should be able to set whole libraries offline - such library would then move to the Offline library as a new special folder (and it would be possible to revert it back to the regular library with a command). If the data folder for Offline library would be well structured and everything properly named, then it should be possible for you just open the data folder and drag out everything you want to archive (and then for example burn it on DVD and delete from computer).
Tonda, 4 months ago
Great contribution, Tonda! Thank you.

I guess Dropbox on iPad (one example among many) works just like you suggest, and it perfectly fits the need of many, at least mine!
Alain, 4 months ago
This one is a must. Otherwise, we can not claim we're using the best productivity tool (how would you be productive if you can't do anything if you're in a bad or no internet connection environment)
Indratno, 4 months ago
a must... when you are in quick meetings and there is no internet.. and you want to create notes... what is the solution? we dont want to open another notes app right? :)
Kernan, 4 months ago
A really important feature! :( My notes (text notes) weren't saved several times due to connection problems :(
Amy, 4 months ago
offline...super valuable to get this done
Eric, 4 months ago
yep, no-go requirement. Not having offline capability reduces the value significantly, considering how much I don't have Internet access while traveling.

I'm happy to see this high on the list. The next question is, for when it is planned, i.e., are you working on it and can give us an eta?
Stefan, 4 months ago
... and with regard to Tonda's comment: my Evernote library (total data + software) currently takes about 7GB, and these are notes from 10 years including images and documents (PDFs, etc.)

Switching off sync sounds like a great option for folks who don't need it. I don't care about the space. I know people who's music and image library is several times that size ... on a work computer ;-)
Stefan, 4 months ago
Yes please! Offline access would be great!!!
Andy, 4 months ago
This is really important. Hope to see this get implemented in a future update.
Aaron, 4 months ago
Looking forward to having this feature!
Marcin, 4 months ago
It would be great if we could see a time plan for feature implementation! We would love to expand the NoteJoy usage and move away from Evernote but Offline feature is the main blocker.
Karthik, 3 months ago
Really hope this gets top priority. I've lost data twice now due to Notejoy behaving badly with intermittent connectivity, and have already had to start moving my notes back to Bear and Evernote because I cannot afford to lose data. :(
Taylor, 3 months ago
Patrice, 2 months ago
yes please
Zunaid, 2 months ago
Yes please. I think this feature is important to many users like us, the ability to access and use our Notejoy where there is no internet connectivity. Hope to see this feature soon. :)
Donald, 2 months ago
An offline mode is necessary
William, 1 month ago
Dmitry, 2 weeks ago
Valuable for the many of the reasons already cited. Helps me prepare for meetings while on in a car, train or plane.
Jon, 1 week ago