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Feature Requests / Nested notebooks
Nested notebooks launched
Votes: Adam, Connor, Jon, Jerome, Kevin, Andrew, K, Luis, Len, Max, Bluestone, Nalini, Rudy, Ruby, Remy, Marc, Alain, Mark, Kay, Matt, Stephen, Thomas, Tony, Don, Eric, Shane, John, António, Ian, Amy, Bryan, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Dominik, Kimberley, Oliver, Tony, Patrick, Digital Marketing, David, Jamie, Taylor, Nish, George, Steve, Adam, Ellane, Neil, Tobias, David ...
Make it possible for us to create notebooks within existing notebooks. This will help structure notes like on a file system. Also allow us to expand/collapse notebooks in the sidebar to see the nested notebooks.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin
This is now in progress!
Sachin, 4 years ago admin