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Nested notebooks launched
Votes: Adam, Connor, Jon, Jerome, Kevin, Andrew, K, Luis, Len, Max, Bluestone, Nalini, Rudy, Ruby, Remy, Marc, Alain, Mark, Kay, Matt, Stephen, Thomas, Tony, Don, Eric, Shane, John, António, Ian, Amy, Bryan, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Dominik, Kimberley, Oliver, Tony, Patrick, Digital Marketing, David, Jamie, Taylor, Nish, Gtin, Steve, Adam, Ellane, Neil, Tobias, David ...
Make it possible for us to create notebooks within existing notebooks. This will help structure notes like on a file system. Also allow us to expand/collapse notebooks in the sidebar to see the nested notebooks.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 7 months ago admin
This is now in progress!
Sachin, 7 months ago admin
How's this coming along?
Tony, 8 months ago
The sooner, the better. Its lack is the main reason for looking at alternatives...
Joern, 11 months ago
Yes, nested notebooks...
J.Otis, 1 year ago
From the very start, I've wished Notejoy had at least one more level of subdivision. Meaning, inside a notebook I have notes but wish I also had sub-notes or some other hierarchical structure.

For instance, I take notes on a lot of courses. One of those sets of courses are my Udemy courses. Even within Udemy, I take courses on SEO, Web Design, Soap Making, bunch of different stuff. It would be extremely useful organization-wise to go into my 'Courses' notebook and have a Udemy folder with either all of my Udemy courses or even multiple sub-levels for different types of Udemy courses.

Can't imagine I'm the first person to write you with this request. As I write more and more notes, navigation becomes increasingly cumbersome, which hurts the UX.

Love the product. Use it all the time. Thanks for your work.
Joseph, 1 year ago
Please add this feature as I use it a lot in the Bear app
Jen, 1 year ago
This would greatly improve the ability to organize notebooks.
Sharif, 2 years ago
Łukasz, 2 years ago
+1 to nested notebooks. Tags (which I used in Evernote) is not helpful for me in organizing my notes. Ex. I have a Freelance library. Underneath it, I have a Resources folder. In this folder, I have data for WP, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, etc. I will be better organized if I have them compiled in their own subfolders rather than just using a hashtag or tags.
Dea, 2 years ago
yes , hope this in plan too. really need to organised our notebook.
Tina, 2 years ago
Nesting notebooks is one glaring omission. I am on the sidelines - with a competitor, because of this one core feature that would allow a much needed level of organization. Rather than having 6-7 core notebooks, if I use it in its current format - I would be saddled with at least 600 notebooks. Not feasible to use it. Please implement asap. Thanks.
Neil, 2 years ago
For us OCD organisers this is a must.... I just tried to drag and drop and cried a little
Kimberley, 2 years ago
Yes. Some people are satisfied with tags, others do need to organise their stuff hierarchically. I am leaving Evernote because I have too much stuff in there that is only accumulating without organisation. I have create my own WWW (maybe AWW for Alain's wide web) that I can now search, but it is not a information repository anymore, just a data depository, for lack of structure. Nesting notebooks is (only) part of the solution.
Alain, 2 years ago