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Feature Requests / Monospace font
Monospace font launched
Votes: Jonathan, Aiko
A monospace font should be selectable as a part of the custom fonts (at minimum).

Ideally fonts should be editable in the note window. People should be able to create a head-hurting smorgasborg of fonts within their note if they so wish.
Use cases could be:

- Code snippets
- Passphrases with the column number under them for easy lookup of characters 3, 8, and 1.
Jonathan, 11 months ago
Just so you know, today we support a monospace font if you use the code block style.
Sachin, 11 months ago admin
I would like it too! I use the block style code but it would be useful to have it inline as well.
Aiko, 10 months ago
This is now live! Head over to Font Settings and pick our new monospaced font option, IBM Plex Mono. More details here.
Sachin, 10 months ago admin