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Feature Requests / Monospace font
Monospace font launched
Votes: Jonathan, Aiko
A monospace font should be selectable as a part of the custom fonts (at minimum).

Ideally fonts should be editable in the note window. People should be able to create a head-hurting smorgasborg of fonts within their note if they so wish.
Use cases could be:

- Code snippets
- Passphrases with the column number under them for easy lookup of characters 3, 8, and 1.
Jonathan, 1 year ago
Just so you know, today we support a monospace font if you use the code block style.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin
I would like it too! I use the block style code but it would be useful to have it inline as well.
Aiko, 1 year ago
This is now live! Head over to Font Settings and pick our new monospaced font option, IBM Plex Mono. More details here.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin