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Feature Requests / Local backup of all libraries
Local backup of all libraries
Votes: Matt, Joshua, Romeo, Bernhard, Rishiraj, Tony, lorenzo, Farchan, test, Jeremy, Eric, Daniëlle, Nordine, Ellane, Bruno, Jen, Amy, Joachim, Alex, Flat, Joerg, Chris, Erik, Martin, Chris
It would be awesome though if there was a way directly from Notejoy to go to say the file menu and click File and then Create Backup and then save a backup locally to our computer of all of the notebooks. It could hopefully make the backup into say a Zip file with things broken down into a folder structure such as Library/Notebook/Notes.
huge request for this! as it is right now, there is no way to create a backup.
Jen, 1 year ago
@Jen - Keep in mind in the meantime, we do allow you to export all of your notes to Google Drive. Details here.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin