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Feature Requests / Group libraries
Group libraries launched
Votes: Muhammad Zain, End Alzheimer's, Vandana, Thomas, BILL, K, Amy, Jack
I would like to be able to combine libraries into a group and be able to collapse and re-order that group. Very much required for a neat, clean, and organized work space as you start to manage lots and lots of libraries.
We now allow nested notebooks, which allows you to achieve the same goal here through as deep a hierarchy of notebooks as you need. Details here.
Sachin, 5 months ago admin
I'd like to see 3 levels, for example, like the following.

I'd really advice against having more than 3 levels, people will get problems deciding where to put things.

Example of 3-level usage:

Clientname (Library)
- Projectname (Shelf)
-- Category or type (Notebook)
Thomas, 2 years ago