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Feature Requests / Export note to PDF
Export note to PDF planned
Votes: Marek, Karl, Kyle, Gyarmati, Muhammad, Kevin, John, Kevin, Joe, Doug, Andrew, Dennis, Silvia, Tyler, Chuck, Roberto, Mark, Romeo, K, Luis, Trilok, Jan, Sajith, Max, Joco, Eak, Dennis, Robin, Hali, Shane, Taylor, Nik, Remy, Marc, Benjamin, Jan K., John, Aaron, Robert, Bryan, Len, Matt, Tim, Mike, SG Digital, Paphunkkorn, Jovhannah, Muhamad, Piotr, Martin ...
I'd like the option to export a note as a PDF file.
please, i beg you, let me export the comments too
Javier, 1 month ago
I'd like to be able to use a larger font when the note is exported to a PDF.
Cassiano, 1 year ago
I'd like embedded documents like PDFs to be clickable within the exported PDF to allow the reader to directly go to that embedded document.
Cassiano, 1 year ago
Added to the help center here!
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Thanks for the tip Sachin. It should probably be included in the documentation / support site.
Alain, 2 years ago
If you're using a Mac or Google Chrome, you can use the Print - Save as PDF option since we take care of re-formatting it so that only your note prints.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin