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Feature Requests / Export note to Google Drive
Export note to Google Drive planned
Votes: Richard, Roderic, Saad, K, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Asad, Josef, Jonathan, Tony, Julio, Romeo, Kevin, BILL, Huey, Tina, Brian, Amanda, Au, Neel, Matt, Steve, Amy, test, Joshua, Operation, Bruno, Jarosław, Kristofer, Gary, Silvia, Len, Joachim, Flat, Amit, Sajith, Michael, Tonyboy, Miranda, Dian, Leon, Stephen, CJ, Yasmin E., Massimiliano, Ian, António, Tim, Joerg, Allen ...
Notejoy's export functionality allows you to easily export a notebook or library. It'd be great if I could also export a single note.
merci de penser à ceux qui n' utilisent pas google drive
André, 4 months ago