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Feature Requests / Export note to Google Drive
Export note to Google Drive planned
Votes: Richard, Roderic, Saad, K, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Asad, Josef, Jonathan, Tony, Julio , Romeo, Gary, BILL, David, Huey, Tina, Brian, Amanda, Au, Neel, Matt, Steve, Amy, test, Joshua, Operation, Bruno, Jarosław, Kristofer, Gary, Silvia, Len, Joachim, Flat, Amit, Sajith, Michael
Notejoy's export functionality allows you to easily export a notebook or library. It'd be great if I could also export a single note.
Please enable also the export of attached documents in the note like word, excel, powerpoint and pdf. Today, only images are exported.
Josef, 1 year ago
+1 I can't understand why this request hasn't garnered more support yet. This would be fantastic . . . as long as you could do the export right from the note screen.
Gary, 1 year ago
Tina, 11 months ago
beside then export library one by one, please add on export whole account library function also. like me have few library, i need to manual export library by library, especially involve alot team library.
Operation, 8 months ago
Also, it would be great to speed up the process. It's painfully slow at the moment, if you have lots of notes like me.
Bruno, 6 months ago