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Feature Requests / Export note to Google Drive
Export note to Google Drive planned
Votes: Richard, Roderic, Saad, K, End Alzheimer's, Marc, Asad, Josef, Jonathan, Tony, Julio, Romeo, Gary, BILL, Huey, Tina, Brian, Amanda, Au, Neel, Matt, Steve, Amy, test, Joshua, Operation, Bruno, Jarosław, Kristofer, Gary, Silvia, Len, Joachim, Flat, Amit, Sajith, Michael, Tonyboy, Miranda, Dian, Alex, Stephen, CJ, Yasmin E., Massimiliano
Notejoy's export functionality allows you to easily export a notebook or library. It'd be great if I could also export a single note.
Please enable also the export of attached documents in the note like word, excel, powerpoint and pdf. Today, only images are exported.
Josef, 2 years ago
+1 I can't understand why this request hasn't garnered more support yet. This would be fantastic . . . as long as you could do the export right from the note screen.
Gary, 1 year ago
Tina, 1 year ago
beside then export library one by one, please add on export whole account library function also. like me have few library, i need to manual export library by library, especially involve alot team library.
Operation, 1 year ago
Also, it would be great to speed up the process. It's painfully slow at the moment, if you have lots of notes like me.
Bruno, 1 year ago
I would love to be able to select where on drive the note is being exported to.
CJ, 1 month ago