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Evernote importer launched
Votes: Brian, Hiten, Aatif, Jesse, Moshen, Aaron, Chinmaya, Alfredo, Micah, Daniel, Pratheep, Chris, Jose, Daniel, Peter, Justin, Joseph, Michael, Huey, Neeraj, Ricardo, Wes, Adam, Andrew, Moe, Y J, Q, Rajesh, Muhammad, Kevin, Shorel, Michael, Jerome, Kevin, Amit, Tracey, Andrew, Xichy, K, John, Bei, Luis, Len, Philipp, shlomi, Miranda, Amber, Max, Anyball, Chris ...
Allow me to import all my existing notes from Evernote to Notejoy so I can completely move over.
Thanks everyone for trying the importer! We've made a ton of improvements based on your suggestions. And the importer is now broadly launched!
Sachin, 3 years ago admin
The Evernote beta importer is now live! Would love to have you try it and share your feedback. Details here.
Sachin, 3 years ago admin
I wanted to provide an update on the Evernote importer. Our work on it progresses quite nicely. Some details:

We are leveraging Evernote's API for the import, which means you don't have to keep your computer running while the import is running. You can continue using Notejoy and you'll be notified when it's complete.

We have been able to import all of your existing notebooks and stacks as nested notebooks within Notejoy, completely re-creating your hierarchy from Evernote in Notejoy.

Similarly, we have been able to import all of your existing nested tags from Evernote, re-creating them as nested tags in Notejoy, added as hashtags at the beginning of each of your notes.

We also have brought over the initial created and modified dates from each of your notes.

You'll be able to select which notebooks you specifically wish to import as part of the import process.

We are now working on bringing over all your images & attachments as well.

We expect to release the importer by the end of the year!
Sachin, 3 years ago admin
Hey folks! Here is what we have heard from you in terms of what you'd like to see from an Evernote importer. Let us know if we are missing anything:

- Import notebooks and stacks
- Import tags
- Specify whether tags should be added as hashtags to title, beginning of note (default), or end of note
- Import supported styles
- Import attached images
- Import attached documents
- Import tables
- Import clipped notes
- Import notes with original created and modified dates
- Allow user to import all notes or select specific notebooks to import
Sachin, 3 years ago admin
The Evernote importer is in the works! Expect it to be released within a month :)
Sachin, 3 years ago admin
@Brad ya I'm leaning towards pre-pending as well for similar reasons.
Sachin, 5 years ago admin
@Brad - Now that we have tags, we are definitely planning on allowing you to import tags as part of the import process. I generally agree with you that the title is not the right place to put them. Leaning towards appending/pre-pending in the note body. Have a preference between appending/pre-pending?
Sachin, 5 years ago admin