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Evernote importer in progress
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Allow me to import all my existing notes from Evernote to Notejoy so I can completely move over.
Peter, 5 months ago
This is a good way to win over many diehard notetaking fans. Help us cut reliance on a previous provider who’s software is showing its age/legacy.
Andrew, 5 months ago
To satisfy me, it wouldn’t even need to match the formatting from Evernote perfectly. The formatting could be simplified and standardised as it comes into Notejoy. Tags could be added to the Notejoy content as custom #hashtags. However, it would require support for tables and multi-level nested lists.
Andrew, 5 months ago
Yes, also it would be good to be able to nest Notebooks inside other Notebooks like it is possible to do with Evernote
Adam, 4 months ago
Matt, 4 months ago
+1 for me. The biggest thing for me would be to import with tags and nested folders.

I've been using Evernote for over 8 years and now that I have Notejoy I only use it for legacy search. I'd love to bring everything over into Notejoy
elan, 4 months ago
Definitely needed!!! please :-) Similar to Elan, I've been using Evernote for ages. Even went back to it after switching to OneNote for a while. Now that I have NoteJoy, Evernote is history (except for web clipper, different story though). Thanks!!
Stefan, 4 months ago
Yessss, please!
Amy, 4 months ago
Lee, 4 months ago
Please put this higher on your todo list to be implemented. My Evernote Premium account renews in October and I want to be migrated to Notejoy if possible by then ;-)
Marc, 4 months ago
Definitely needed!
Bernhard, 4 months ago
i want to leave evernote... if this is not available... then it will only be used for collaboration...
Kernan, 3 months ago
Let Notejoy be the new generation. Evernote is old and heavy.
The time has come to transfer all our old memories to the new medium. Peace!
Puntorosso, 3 months ago
"Ahh, You will, you will, you will... YOU WILL!" - Mrs Doyle
Ross, 3 months ago
So close, but yet so far. I'd be pretty excited about this one! Pretty pretty please? Indeed Evernote needs a replacement. This seems like it.
Brett, 3 months ago
With Evernote's CEO and other top execs leaving the company, can we get a rush on this? Or an ugly workaround?
Neil, 3 months ago
Just implement the basics, but allow us to migrate our notes over from Evernote! They seem to be heading nowhere, but I can't switch until I can migrate my thousands of notes.
Michael, 2 months ago
This will take the cake.
Thomas, 2 months ago
Yes please
Tony, 1 month ago
Yes Please
R.Brett, 1 month ago
+1 on migrating tags. Now that tags have been implemented in Notejoy, I hope we will be able to make the transition there as well. I'm thinking the Evernote tags would need to be either appended or pre-pended to the note in Notejoy, as putting them in the title (which is a tag option in Notejoy now) could get really cluttered for those notes that may have several tags.
Brad, 1 month ago
@Brad - Now that we have tags, we are definitely planning on allowing you to import tags as part of the import process. I generally agree with you that the title is not the right place to put them. Leaning towards appending/pre-pending in the note body. Have a preference between appending/pre-pending?
Sachin, 1 month ago admin
@sachin Awesome news. I think that pre-pending would work best when scanning notes and visually noting the tags. For instance if I'm looking through notes returned by a search on tag1, I could easily see that there could be another relevant tag to search on to further refine. Also avoids the need to scroll to the bottom of variable length notes to see the tag(s).
Brad, 1 month ago
@Brad ya I'm leaning towards pre-pending as well for similar reasons.
Sachin, 1 month ago admin
Please, please, please add the "Import notes from Evernote" feature soon!
Kent, 1 week ago