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Feature Requests / Dark mode
Dark mode launched
Votes: Gerold, Palawin, Benjamin, Alexandro, Marty, Joe, Justin, K, Ellane, Ibrahim Salim, Erik, BILL, Marc, Peter, A, Chris, Erik, Patrick, Leo, Jon, Antonio, Ankur, Romeo, Matt, Abe, Jussi, Frank, Brian, Steven, Amanda, Abby, Daniel, Jeremy, John, Pavel, Chris, David, David, Tom, growield, Dr.NightShade, Karim, Au, Scott, Garry, Joshua
An inverted “light on dark” mode, for reading and writing at night.
Dark mode is now available! Details here.
Sachin, 5 years ago admin
We've started to put together a design for this. What do you guys think?

Sachin, 5 years ago admin