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Feature Requests / Dark mode
Dark mode launched
Votes: Gerold, Palawin, Benjamin, Alexandro, Marty, Joe, Justin, K, Ellane, Ibrahim Salim, Erik, BILL, Marc, Peter, A, Chris, Erik, Patrick, Leo, Jon, Antonio, Ankur, Romeo, Matt, Abe, Jussi, Frank, Brian, Steven, Lyn, Abby, Daniel, Jeremy, John, Pavel, Chris, David, David, Tom, growield, Dr.NightShade, Karim, Au, Scott, Garry
An inverted “light on dark” mode, for reading and writing at night.
Also include Solarized themes. They are the king when it comes to minimal eye-strain over time:
Chris, 10 months ago
This is valuable for taking note during a presentation when lights are dimmed or off because of projected media. Dark mode (or reverse video) would avoid bothering other people nearby with a bright screen in a darkened room.
Jon, 10 months ago
yes please. need most on mobile/Android.
would be nice on regular web, but I can manage that. Anything on mobile that can be Dark Mode is good!
David, 8 months ago
We've started to put together a design for this. What do you guys think?

Sachin, 7 months ago admin
Its perfect for me anyway exactly what I need.
Scott, 7 months ago
Dark mode is now available! Details here.
Sachin, 7 months ago admin
Dark Mode looks nice. But needs to apply to mobile apps as well. For me that is Android.
David, 7 months ago