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Feature Requests / Change color of links to blue
Change color of links to blue launched
Votes: Ellane, K, Srikanth, Cathy, Richard, Eric, Mya, Romeo, Carson, Joel, Frank, Brian, Palawin, Hugues, Ron, Greg, Dheeraj
I'd like to be able to have my links show up in the familiar blue, rather than the distracting red color.
I agree the red is very distracting. I like that you can highlight text in Notejoy (unlike Evernote), but that distracting red text screams for attention even when it is unimportant, making th highlighting less effective..
Greg, 1 year ago
Thanks :)
Ron, 1 year ago
Scarlet Slate theme ?
Ron, 1 year ago
You can now make links blue by using our Classic Theme. Details here.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin
Why not keep thing simple and just make it blue?
Hugues, 1 year ago
Why not be more creative and have an option in settings to change to color of the links by ourselves?
Richard, 2 years ago