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Feature Requests / Tags: Autocomplete tags from existing tags
Tags: Autocomplete tags from existing tags launched
Votes: Eric, Amy, Greg, Ghaith, Orson, Andy, Joachim, Thomas, Juan, Jordi, Phil, A, Ed, Rob, Allen, Jitendra, Stewart, Ellane
When typing a tag suggest tag names from the list of existing tags, based on the characters already entered. So as I type narrow down the list of possible choices. This would avoid multiple tags for the same thing with slightly different (mis)spellings.
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 months ago admin
This *really* needs to happen. Not having auto-complete leads to unintentional duplicate tags (#grocery & #groceries). Notejoy also needs the ability to edit a tag in the sidebar and have it change that tag everywhere it exists in text.
Rob, 4 months ago