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Feature Requests / Tags: Autocomplete tags from existing tags
Tags: Autocomplete tags from existing tags planned
Votes: Eric, Amy, Greg, Ghaith, Orson, Andy, Joachim, Thomas, Juan, Jordi, Phil, A, Ed, Rob, Allen, Jitendra
When typing a tag suggest tag names from the list of existing tags, based on the characters already entered. So as I type narrow down the list of possible choices. This would avoid multiple tags for the same thing with slightly different (mis)spellings.
This *really* needs to happen. Not having auto-complete leads to unintentional duplicate tags (#grocery & #groceries). Notejoy also needs the ability to edit a tag in the sidebar and have it change that tag everywhere it exists in text.
Rob, 1 month ago
When adding a new tag to a note, it isn’t possible to easily see existing tags. This is a major drawback: you don’t always remember the exact spelling or word order you set a tag up with.

For example, I have a tag:


When I want to add this tag, I should be able to start typing “holidays” or “projects” and this tag should be suggested. Otherwise I end up with multiple tags for the same thing:




Once I have hundreds of notes and dozens of tags, it is very easy to get lost. Having a good tag suggestion feature is the key feature for my notes. Storing in folders doesn’t work as well, because one note might apply to more than one project.

Evernote also implements this feature less than perfectly, as the search/suggestion feature only works properly when you type the first words on a tag (i.e. when looking for the above example, if I started typing “holidays” I would only be shown “holidays_california” and not “california_holidays”).

Bear app has the best implementation of this, but unfortunately is not available on windows.
A, 4 months ago
I've just started experimenting with NoteJoy because I never liked how Evernote worked. I love that you can put tags right into the tile or text of a note in NoteJoy, while Evernote requires you to enter tags outside the note in the tag editor. But not having autocomplete is a real bummer.
Greg, 1 year ago