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Feature Requests / Archive notebook
Archive notebook launched
Votes: Kathe, Adam, Harry, Taylor, Remy, Marc, Chris, Moe, K, Nalini, António, Amy, SG Digital, Tony, Benjamin, Justin, Romeo, A, Joerg, Gyarmati, Kai, Karthik
In addition to archiving notes, would appreciate being able to archive a notebook.
Archiving notebooks is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
A similar approach might also apply to

Basically, more organization / decluttering options please. :)
Kai, 2 years ago
Our team creates new notebooks for each project, since work doesn't always fall cleanly into "department-level notebooks."

Problem is, after a few months, this starts to get messy. We've created separate archive libraries to hold completed projects, but this clutters the sidebar and feels very clunky. The ability to archive a notebook and hide it from the UI would be a huge improvement.

The UI could be similar to the way notes are archived: a subtle "{N} archived notebooks" link under each Library.
Kai, 2 years ago