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Feature Requests / Archive library
Archive library launched
Votes: Shirak, John, Jason, Jamie, Steve, Michael, Rene, Wes, Muhamad, Connor, Muhammad, Joerg, Michael, Jerome, Adam, Mark, K, Luis, Sajith, Adrian, Tonda, Jerry, Marc, Benjamin, Gretchen, Moe, Stephen, Don, Romeo, End Alzheimer's, Tony, Amy, Jan K., Santiago, Abby, Nish, Zac, Kai, Karthik, Kimberley, Amanda
I'd like to archive libraries that I'm no longer actively working on so they no longer appear in the sidebar but have some way to get to them if I ever need to.
Archiving libraries is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
I am not sure if you mean archiving inside the Notejoy (so it stays on the server and is just hidden), or if you mean basically exporting the library out to your computer.

I definitely would like to see the second - at any time, be able to export one library. After clicking Export, the browser (or application) would download one large file with everything from the library inside (so probably ZIP archive with some xml index in root for Notejoy, so it can import it back, and then folders for each note with text file of that note, and all attached items in their own files). After export you can delete the library from Notejoy. Later, if you want have the library back in Notejoy, just press Import, browser/application asks for the export file and after uploading the library is back.

It would be nice to have another button (in Settings maybe?) to perform this export for completely everything - this way you would get complete backup of your Notejoy and even if something bad happens in future, you can still get your files from this backup.
Tonda, 2 years ago
also snapshots of libraries (to save certain states) would be phantastic
Rene, 2 years ago
+1. Archiving for both personal and team libraries. This allows them to be used a client specific libraries.
Michael, 2 years ago