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Apple Notes importer launched
Votes: Silas, Karl, Dennis, Jeff, John, Dennis, Silvia, K, Jan, Joco, Laurie, Patrick, Paphunkkorn, Jovhannah, Neil, Tandi, Silvia, Alexandro, Romeo, Jeremy, Henk Jan, Maxime, Angie, Ronald, Jonathan, Markus, David, Juergen, John
Would be great if there was a way to import all my existing Apple Notes.
Just tried to use the live version. It would have been great if it imported them as separate notebooks. I have my Apple notes organized into 4 different notebooks, but the importer added them all into one notebook in RANDOM order. If they were at least in order by notebook, I could have salvaged this and put them in the proper notebooks, but now it's basically useless. I had to use an external exporter that converted Apple Notes into markdown files and put into different folders for each notebook. Dragging them into each respective notebook in Notejoy worked much better.
John, 4 months ago
This is now live! Details here.
Sachin, 7 months ago admin
We now have a beta of our Apple Notes importer available!

Make sure you have the latest Notejoy Mac app (v1.11.0). If you don't, then restart the Mac app and wait to be prompted to upgrade. Once you've done that, click the user menu in the bottom-left corner of the Mac app. Select Import Notes. Then click on Apple Notes. You'll need to give Notejoy permission to read your Apple Notes. And then you'll start seeing them imported!

Please let us know any feedback you have on the importer, as we are eager to hear.
Sachin, 9 months ago admin