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Affiliate / referral program launched
Votes: Miklós, Stefano, Jason, Michael, Indratno, Chris, Len, Nalini, AJ, Eric, Saad, Stefan, Amy, Kamil, Joseph, Łukasz, Laura, Erika, Kate, Bryan, Asad, Les, Daniel, Sajith, Nish, Chuck, Andrea, Vandana, Sue, Ricardo, Brian, Amanda, Chris, Katrina, Kristen, Jeffry, Angie, Silvia, Jovhannah, Kristian, Asha, Maycee, Travis, Andy, Karl, Sebastian, Northon, Muhamad, Joel, Romeo ...
I love Notejoy and would love to help evangelize it! Would be great if Notejoy offered an affiliate or referral program for doing so.
This is now live here!
Sachin, 4 years ago admin
We are getting ready to launch our referral program. Here are the details. Please let us know if you have any feedback! And we'll let you know shortly when it's available.
Sachin, 4 years ago admin