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Affiliate / referral program
Votes: Miklós, Stefano, Jason, Michael, Indratno, Chris, Len, Nalini, AJ, Eric, Saad, Stefan, Amy, Kamil, Joseph, Łukasz, Laura, Erika, Kate, Bryan, Asad, Les, Daniel, Sajith, Nish, Charles, Andrea, Vandana, Sue, Ricardo, Brian, Amanda, Chris, Katrina, Kristen, Jeffry, Angie, Silvia, Jovhanna, Kristian, Asha, Maycee, Travis, Andy, Karl, Sebastian, Sapo, Farchan, Joel, Romeo ...
I love Notejoy and would love to help evangelize it! Would be great if Notejoy offered an affiliate or referral program for doing so.
It would be a great addition to spread the word about Notejoy! A win-win :)
Stefano, 1 year ago
I'll add my support to this request. Just got the deal on AppSumo and I could see promoting this to other industry peers and clients.
Joseph, 1 year ago
Great idea! Recurring monthly commissions are a "must have" considering that "every" new user is prompted to upgrade (potentially) to paid monthly plans.
Les, 1 year ago
Please do. I have over 25 clients that can benefit from using Notejoy right now and I'm teaching to implement differet SaaS tools. This would be great.
Ricardo, 1 year ago
I would love to jump on board with promoting Notejoy. I hope this feature is released soon.
Karl, 4 months ago
I would love to promote Notejoy to. Let me do it! hahahaha
Sapo, 3 months ago