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Feature Requests / Adjust the the width of the notes list
Adjust the the width of the notes list launched
Votes: Adam, Saad, Romeo, K, Marty, Shahjada, Amy, Dragos
Be able to drag and resize the width of this menu - cause for ex. when I'm using half of my screen for Notejoy both of the menus (Libraries menu and Notes menu) use about 2/3 of that space and I'm left with only 1/3 for a note space (it's v. narrow then).
So this would be v. handy to be able to increase the note's working space (hope this all makes sense).
This would be such a nice feature to be able to squeeze the column widths or even hide them to make better user experience!
Shahjada, 1 year ago
This is now available! Details here.
Sachin, 1 year ago admin