How to use an Interview Feedback Template to Ensure Great Candidate Experience

The reality many teams face when trying to hire candidates is that multiple interviewers have to say yes. The modern office is collaborative by nature; in order to be effective in their role, a new hire has to be able to navigate and work across across many groups and functions. Therefore, the more people you get together to assess a candidate the better.

However, the overall interview process can feel very costly. Why? Candidates often need to meet and interview across multiple teams, with differing perspectives and opinions. Reaching consensus can be difficult. Juggling calendars can be even worse. And then afterward, collecting feedback on what people thought can be an exercise in herding cats. However, the benefit is that you get an unbiased and well-rounded view of how the candidate will fit into the group as a whole.

Timely interview feedback creates great candidate experience

Given the challenges of balancing calendars and multiple interviews, streamlining the way you interview and collect feedback is an area of optimization that is often overlooked by teams. After you have the core team members interview the candidate, getting the group interview feedback session together is a critical component to making a quality hire.

A little preparation can result in making great hires and improving the candidate experience. According to CareerArc study, nearly 60% of candidates have had a bad candidate experience and 72% of those candidates shared that experience online or with someone directly. The top complaint is that they aren't receiving timely follow up on their application status. This is why gathering feedback quickly is crucial.

Interview feedback template

For an interview process to run smoothly, make sure that your hiring team is correctly aligned.

Select your interview panel

Select the right interview panel based on people who can give feedback on the key skills and experience you need fo ra successful hire.

Establish their responsibilities

At this point, you should divide the interview panel's responsibilities. Who should be testing for what and why? Everyone should under what their role is. Ensure that each interview is designed to test candidates in a different way. That way, the team isn't asking the same questions to the candidate throughout the day!

Collect interview feedback

Make it as easy as possible for your interviewers to record their feedback on candidates. While we all want to get fully detailed and well written interview feedback forms, reality often falls short. The more complex your form, the less likely you are to get any feedback at all. Customize the template for each interviewer based on their responsibilities.

Here is an interview feedback template in short format

Candidate Name:


What is your overall hiring recommendation and why? (Yes / No, explain why)

Does the candidate have the experience necessary for this role? (Yes / No, explain why)

Does the candidate have the communication for this role? (Yes / No, explain why)

Does the candidate have the organizational fit for this role? (Yes / No, explain why)

Here is an interview feedback template in long format

Candidate Evaluation Form

Candidate Name:



Please use this form as a guide to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications for employment. Indicate the appropriate rating corresponding to the applicant’s level of qualification and provide appropriate comments in the space below.

Rate the candidate on a scale of 1 - Poor to 5 - Exceptional

Presentation Skills: Overall assessment of candidate's presentation and facilitation skills.

Understanding of the Position: Assess candidate’s knowledge of the position and its requirements.

Relevant Background/Special Skill Set: Explore the candidate’s knowledge and past working experiences for this position.

Professional Impression: Consider self-confidence, maturity, and presence to assess the candidate’s level of professionalism.

Motivation/Initiative: Analyze applicant’s ability to think and act independently, and goal orientation.

Interpersonal/Communication Skills: Assess ability to express ideas and thoughts clearly, as well as experiences involving team settings and customer orientation.

Flexibility: Assess candidate’s responsiveness to change and tolerance for ambiguity.

Organizational Fit: Review the candidates’ potential to fit our organization and culture.

Overall Evaluation: Please add appropriate comments below:

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