Four Free Employee Handbook Templates

An employee handbook is a vital resource that communicates the employer's history, values, policies, procedures, and benefits in a written format. It's also an important way to protect both the employee and employer by establishing clear workplace expectations from the beginning.

If you're interested in how to put together a great employee handbook, see our guide here.

Free Employee Handbook Templates

Several organizations have put together free templates for employee handbooks to get you started on pulling one together yourself.


FitSmallBusiness has put together a handbook sample which covers the basic elements of what most small business owners in all 50 states should include in their handbook. Do note however that you may want to add any state-specific or optional policies in order to make it more complete. View the handbook


RocketLawyer has a a free employe handbook creator, which provides a state-specific builder that generates a printable handbook. You can also use them to connect you with lawyers to customize the handbook or answer specific questions. Learn more


UpCounsel has posted a helpful employee handbook template which includes highlighted text for the areas that you'll want to substitute in. This is a more formal legal variation but provides an excellent example of what a handbook could look like. View the handbook


National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has published a model employee handbook, which is a nicely formatted guide that provides an example of all of he typical sections you'd want in a handbook. View the handbook

Using Notejoy for your Employee Handbook

Focus your time building high-performing teams and less time managing the onboarding process. Notejoy can help with multiple aspects of your onboarding process, from managing new hire checklists to sharing employee handbooks to setting goals.

Share your handbook with the team

Share a Notejoy library as the single source of truth for your policies and procedures. Easily manage who has permission to view and edit notes. For example, you can establish a team of HR administrators who have the ability to adjust and edit policies and make it view-only for the rest of the employee base.

Up to date, searchable, and accessible wherever you are

When you make changes to policies, it happens in real-time so everyone stays in sync. Materials in Notejoy are accessible through web, desktop, and even mobile devices so your employees can easily search for content even when they're away from their desk.

Fast and easy to use

Rather than setting up a complicated process or another complex form, Notejoy's interface is fast and easy to use. That way, everyone can get started quickly.

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