Refreshed UI Design

Today we are excited to launch a refreshed design across our web and desktop apps. Our goal with this redesign is to give Notejoy a more modern look and feel and continue our effort to make Notejoy the simplest, lightest, and fastest notes app.

We made dozens of changes throughout the app to accomplish this, but we wanted to highlight a few of them:

  • New font - We've updated our default font to Inter, a modern font designed exclusively for today's apps.
  • Removed profile images - We've removed profile images from the notes list as well as from the note header. This dedicates far more focus and screen real estate to note titles, which we've heard from users is critical when they are scanning through their notes.
  • Redesigned collaboration experience - We've removed the previous Chatter tab that showed up on the right-side of a note in favor of showing note viewers and comments alongside other note actions in the top-right corner of a note. This simplifies the overall UI and further reduces visual clutter.
  • Redesigned saving indicator - We've made the Saving... indicator smaller and moved it to the sub-title of a note to again reduce visual clutter.
  • Refreshed Slate theme - We've redesigned the color scheme of our Slate theme, giving it a more modern grey palette.
  • Rounded buttons - We've moved to rounded buttons, which you'll see everywhere from our Add Note button to dialog buttons throughout.
  • Simplified highlights - We've simplified the highlights we use for selected items in the sidebar and note list, removing borders that added visual clutter.
  • Thinner scrollbars - We've made all scrollbars thinner and blended them in more with each panel, keeping the focus on your content.
  • Refreshed Classic themes - We've updated the link color in our classic themes to a more modern blue.

Here is a look at the redesign across each of our themes. I'd encourage you to explore each of them to see if you can now find a better fit for you. Try them all here.


Scarlet Dark

Scarlet Slate