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Zapier integration
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For whole lot more possibilities and productivity.
Maurice, 3 months ago
Not just adding things TO and INTO Notejoy, but getting info from Notejoy.
One example that comes to mind is with Trello.

If we had a Zap that could add some info to a Note then turn around and get the URL of the note and add it to a Trello card that would be nice.
So getting URL's and Names and things about notes so you can then use those with other apps with Zapier.
David, 2 years ago
My team would appreciate the ability to automatically place items from an RSS feed into a Notejoy notebook.
Brian, 2 years ago
Ability to automatically invite notejoy user, at specific convertfox tag label
Dian, 2 years ago
Both options would be invaluable:

• Create New Note
• Add To Bottom of Existing Note
• (toggle) @mention User that one of the above happened

As for Specific Zaps, our marketing agency uses ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, etc. I cannot think of any present desire, but I will keep this in mind so I can give you more information.

Thanks, Sachin, you absolutely rock!!!
Jason, 2 years ago
Let us know if you had specific Zaps in mind!
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Please integrate with Zapier! Thank you.
Amit, 2 years ago
Be very handy ... need to sync some projects to CRM opportunities and accounts
Arpod, 2 years ago