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Zapier integration
Votes: Farchan, Adam, Andrew, Thomas, Tom, Connor, Robert, Arpod, Phill, Cathal, Tyler, Timo, Madhumita, Roberto, Mark, K, Trilok, shlomi, Bluestone, Paphunkkorn, Sajith, Joseph, Dennis, Doug, Robin, Travis, Andrea, Benjamin, Mike, Ale, Jeff, Kyle, Daniel, Amit, Eric, Nalini, AJ, Nathan, António, Les, Don, Drew, End Alzheimer's, Jason, Manuel, Oliver, Taylor, Nish, Luis, Виталий ...
For whole lot more possibilities and productivity.
Be very handy ... need to sync some projects to CRM opportunities and accounts
Arpod, 2 years ago
Please integrate with Zapier! Thank you.
Amit, 2 years ago
Let us know if you had specific Zaps in mind!
Sachin, 2 years ago admin
Both options would be invaluable:

• Create New Note
• Add To Bottom of Existing Note
• (toggle) @mention User that one of the above happened

As for Specific Zaps, our marketing agency uses ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, etc. I cannot think of any present desire, but I will keep this in mind so I can give you more information.

Thanks, Sachin, you absolutely rock!!!
Jason, 2 years ago
Ability to automatically invite notejoy user, at specific convertfox tag label
Dian, 2 years ago
My team would appreciate the ability to automatically place items from an RSS feed into a Notejoy notebook.
Brian, 1 year ago
Not just adding things TO and INTO Notejoy, but getting info from Notejoy.
One example that comes to mind is with Trello.

If we had a Zap that could add some info to a Note then turn around and get the URL of the note and add it to a Trello card that would be nice.
So getting URL's and Names and things about notes so you can then use those with other apps with Zapier.
David, 1 year ago