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Feature Requests / Web clipper: Partial clip
Web clipper: Partial clip
Votes: Richard, Kimberley, Brad, António, Rishiraj, Roderick, Justin, Liesette, Phill, Saad, Dea, Ghaith, Somen, Mark, Kelli, David, John, Erik, Roberto, Jack, Markus, Yasmin E., Juergen, Meaghan, Alex, Robert, Tony, Tim, Sadegh, Jean-Baptiste, Paul, Henson, T, RO, R, Cameron
I'd like to select a specific section of a web page and clip only that part of the web page instead of clipping the entire page as the web clipper does today.
This is a major function used in our old Evernote client, we would like this in NoteJoy, please make it happen, currently, we have a several step process of capturing the screen on a mac or windows then dragging and dropping it to a NoteJoy Note.
Keep up the great work, NoteJoy Rocks!!
Henson, 3 months ago