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Feature Requests / Web clipper for Safari
Web clipper for Safari
Votes: Stephen, Brad, Antoine, Dennis, Martin, Adam, Mathieu, Daniel
Add the same feature that you already have for Chrome for the Safari browser.
Please add this. Or at the very least provide some kind of integration option with Zapier and IFTTT so that those of us who also have Evernote can continue to use the EN Web clipper (which supports Safari and iOS mobile browsers). I could see an integration whereby using the EN Web clipper could add those EN notes automatically into Notejoy as well.
Daniel, 1 month ago
This would be a great addition, as I'm trying out Safari after many years away and am impressed with the experience. I'm particularly interested in the privacy protections and it would be great to have Notejoy clipping in my new favorite browser.
Brad, 2 years ago